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Dwell Studio

The weekend is almost here and I am really excited about it!  Tomorrow, my husband and I, along with our girls are going on an 84 mile long rummage sale stretch.  People involved in selling are to bring their items to the front lawns and sidewalks of the main road.  I am hoping to come across some interesting finds – but even if I don’t, spending the day with my family will be fun enough.  This evening I plan on preparing the diaper bag along with all of the bottles that we will need tomorrow so that when we get up tomorrow, we can just go right out the door.   Ok, maybe it won’t be quite that easy, but I’m hopeful.

This upcoming week, my daughters bedroom set is due to arrive so I have been thinking about accessories for the room.  I went to the Dwell Studio website and found some really cute items.  My favorite is the tree rug below.  However, I’m not sure that it will work with what I have planned, but maybe I will revisit this posting and think about it.

Dwell Collage

(From Top Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Tree Rug, Owls Sky Boudoir Pillow, Birds in Tree Wall Art, Transportation Storage Bin small, Dots Chocolate Bin Large)

Have a great weekend and remember – be creative and stay inspired!

Images:  Dwell Studio


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Marie Christophe

My mood the last day or so can probably be best described as feeling quietly observant and tranquil.  I not sure if its because I haven’t been feeling so great the last week, but I’ve been wallowing in peace and loving it!  Generally when I start to feel this way, my creativity and inspiration also take off.  Last night, I got an overwhelming inspiration to revisit the work of a couple of my favorite artists.  I love getting reacquainted with my treasured artists because I seem to learn something new each time.   But equally enjoyable and enlightening,  is finding a new artist that you connect with.  While French artist Marie Christophe is not new to the art world, she is new to me.  I am completely drawn to her wire sculptures – especially her chandeliers because of their whimsical nature.


I love how she puts bright splashes of color in some of her chandeliers.

Have an artist you enjoy?  Or maybe your an artist and would like to share photos of your work.  Send me an email – I’d love to see it!

Images:  Marie Christophe


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It’s now Wednesday and still I have lots of congestion which is making it difficult to concentrate and breathe at times.  This has made feeling inspired and being creative a bit more of a challenge.  However, my spirits  lifted yesterday when I got the call I’ve been waiting for – my daughters bedroom furniture had finally arrived at the warehouse!  Delivery is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday and to be honest, I don’t think I would want it to come any sooner as I have a few more things to finish in her room.

In the meantime, I stopped by Gleena’s site and toured all of her gorgeous ceramics.  Gleena, which means “clay” in Russian, was founded by Asya Palatova 8 years ago.  Her studio is located in Rhode Island but her influences stem from her upbringing in St. Petersburg.  She develops “objects with a purity of form that compel people to touch and use them“.

Gleena Collage small

Images:  Gleena


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Lisa Stickley London

Lisa Stickley London has a knack for designing products that are fun, zany, and beautifully classic.  Can you mix all that in one product?  Well Lisa does!  She began her product line in 2003 and has since established her own stand alone store in London.  In addition, she houses her products in department stores located in London, Paris, and Japan.

C ups and Bowls

These mugs, cup, and bowl look like a set with just color tying them together.  Such an eclectic collection of bone china.

Wash Bags

Washbags – Made for shampoo, condition, and shower gel.  Has a zipper, is fully lined,  and made to stand up.  I’ve owned makeup bags, but I don’t think I have specifically ever owned a “washbag”.  Love those Brits!


These placemats are fun and quirky with pictures of vintage plates.  These mats come in a set of four, each with  a different plate photo and have a “solid 1950’s formica style top with non slip cork base“.

Images:  Lisa Stickley


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Papa Stour – Rent Me, I’m Scottish

Papa Stour is an online shop of contemporary home decor and accessories made in Scotland.   So when I found out that Papa Stour had recently refurbished a cottage located in the North West Highlands of Scotland, I had to share.  What’s more exciting is that the cottage is available for anyone to rent!  It is a two bedroom cottage with a kitchen, living room, and a wood burning stove located only 50 yards from the beach.   Take a look…

House for Rent 2

This looks heavenly!

House for Rent 1


Looks so cozy comfy!  I call dibs on the room to the right.

Kitchen Table and Living Room

Kitchen Table

Look at the warm sunshine coming in.

The Sea

The view from the back of the cottage.  Absolutely stunning.  Looks like a wonderful place to take a family – especially with the beach nearby.

If you are interested additional information on the cottage or would like to book time, visit this link.  Prices are reasonable, so summer months are filling up fast!

Images:  Papa Stour


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178 Square Feet of Total Living

You read that right!  The New York Times ran an article on Zach Motl, 25, who lives in a New York studio apartment that is only 178 square feet.  He pays $944 monthly rent and spent approximately $2500 to decorate the room.  His philosophy is that the more you put in a space, the bigger it will look.  What do you think?




The Sultan Alsarp box spring bed is from Ikea and pops open for additional storage.  Nice thinking!



I really like the green he choose for the kitchen.



I’ve been sick the last few days and hope that I recover fast enough to enjoy some part of the weekend.  The worst of it is not being able to breathe!  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Images:  New York Times


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Loyal Loot

I stumbled upon these brilliant log bowls and just can’t stop looking at them!  The vibrant and glossy color next to the wood creates such wonderful drama.  According to Loyal Loot’s site, each bowl is handmade by artists using reclaimed trees.  The bowls come in a variety of widths, heights, and colors.  I’m not sure if they are available for purchase as their website makes no mention of it (I’ve sent an email inquiring about this).  Should they be, I would like to get many different colors and sizes to put on shelving no higher than a standard counter.  Place them up too high, and you won’t be able to see their glorious colors.

Bowls 1

It’s almost mesmerizing!


Images:  Loyal Loot


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My Love of Rugs

I have a minor addiction to rugs.  I love wool, felt, loop, and jute rugs – just to name a few.  They can bring color, warmth, and depending on the design, even art into a room.   Despite having a rug in almost every room in my house, including two in the basement, I am always in the market for fresh and charismatic rugs.  Recently, Garnet Hill has grabbed a hold of my attention.  Take a look at why…

Garnet Hill Collage 1

I have my eye fixed on these 4 rugs.  I really wish I had a spot in my house for each of them, especially the sunflower rug.  This particular rug (I think) looks best as a runner – which makes it a bit more difficult to find it a place in my home (but I’m still working on it!).  And what about these doormats

Garnet Hill Collage 2

Lots of fun designs and bright colors.  Each of these doormats are offered with fade and mildew resistant properties which is important for longevity.

Another innovative idea, is taking your children’s art work and turning it into a rug.  The folks over at Rugs to Love in England, have taken this idea and ran with it.   You supply your child’s art work and they produce a 100% handmade wool rug.  Here are some of the amazing results -


It’s wonderful that the colors are nearly the same.  I don’t think it could get any better!

Collage 2

Images:  Garnet Hill, Rugs of Love

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