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Good News for Pier 1 and Us!

It looks like Pier 1’s financial future is looking brighter.  Last year its stock dropped to a low of 0.11 cents per share and carried a debt of $184 million.  In recent days, Pier 1 stock has gone up to $8.49 per share while reducing its debt down to $34 million.  That’s amazing!  Go Pier 1!  With so many retail stores sinking in this doom and gloom economy, it would be awful to also lose Pier 1.  I’m not sure what I would do!  What’s even more exciting for those that don’t have a nearby store location,  a plan to bring back their e-commerce site is in the works.  Currently, their website is for informational purposes only.  If you haven’t shopped Pier 1 recently, here are a few pieces they offer…

Pier Collage 1

I like the green/blue glass vase above.   It almost looks like a scenic mountain range sitting in front of a very blue lake.

Pier Collage 2

I have the bottom right velvet pillow in plum.  It is sooo soft and plush!

Pier Collage 3

Images:  Pier 1


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ABC Carpet & Home

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We were lucky enough to have the sun visit us all day yesterday – the sun always makes me smile and feel inspired.  This weekend, I was glad that my husband and I were able to continue discussions on places we would like to visit this year.  About a year and half ago, we went to New York City and since then I have been craving to go back.  During our last visit, I was fortunate to visit SoHo and get some shopping in.  I had gobs of fun going from one shop to the next even though it was freezing outside – that happens when you go in late November!   This time I should hope to go when its warmer and have a set plan of the shops to visit .  One place that will definitely be on the list is ABC Carpet & Home.  Even if I don’t buy anything, the experience of walking through its beautifully decorated store and eyeing out their products will be enough for me!  Are these items below stunning or what?

ABCHome Collage 1

Bokja Slipper Chair, Kilim Landscape Ottoman, Lucy by Judis lamps and shades


Bokja Bench

ABCHome Collage 2

John Robshaw Primrose Bolster, Stoneware Planter in fuchsia/white

ABCHome Collage 3

Bokja Oversize Chair, Glass Egg Pendant

The Italian made Glass Egg Pendant is one of my favorites.  However, the below light fixture featured on the front page of their website was even more interesting, but could not find it listed anywhere on their site.  I’ll shoot them an email to ask about this.  Maybe I missed something?


Images:  ABC Carpet & Home


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FLOR’s Spring Collection is Here!

Have a bare floor somewhere in your house?  Want something that’s stylish, durable, but maybe not so permanent? Well, Flor carpet squares may be an option for you.  They’re modular carpet tiles that don’t require any glue, padding, or stapling down to the floor.    The way Flor tiles work is that tiles stick to each other, not your floor.  Get bored easily?  Not to worry, because the tiles are modular you can rearrange them in different patterns or purchase other tiles to mix and match.  I have a section in our basement that I want to make a summer play area for my daughters and have been looking at Flor tiles.  I haven’t purchased anything yet for 2 reasons – 1.  They have so many gorgeous designs I can’t decide what to buy and 2.  The area I want to cover is a bit large and so price is also a factor.  On average, expect to pay $9.99 a tile and up.   Here are some tiles are from their Spring Collection…


Rake Me Over

Striped Poodle

Striped Poodle – The photo above mixes these 2 tiles.


Toy Poodle Rug Kit – If your not interested in a rug kit, take a look around their site – many times they sell the tiles individually.


La Fonda del Sol


Flora Rug Kit - Very pretty!

The weekend is almost here and I am hoping the weather brings us some sunshine so that we can spend time outdoors.  Take care and see you next week!

Images:  Flor


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“The Tide is High, but I’m Holding On…”

When the phone rang yesterday, I was so happy to see that it was the furniture store calling where we had purchased our daughters bed.  We had ordered it nearly a month ago and were promised arrival within 4 to 6 weeks.  The time was here!  Yay!  “Hello“, I answered excitedly.  “Hi, this is (name of furniture dealer).  We just wanted to give you an update on the bed that you ordered.  Looks like it should arrive early May“.  What?  Early May?  But that’s 4 more weeks!  I wasn’t sure how to handle my disappointment, so I tried to focus on the positive.  Four weeks would give me plenty of time to finish the curtains, hang the rod, and figure out a closet storage solution.  You see, all of this was suppose to be finished by now – so really, the delivery delay was a good thing.  Later that night, I ventured online to Stanley Furniture’s website to visually remind myself what I was waiting for.  While there, I explored their Coastal Living collection…





Here are some of the fabulous fabrics offered in this collection.

Ok, I guess I can wait a little longer.  While my daughters bed is not from the Coastal Living collection, it is a cottage/beach theme from Stanley’s line of youth furniture.

Images: Stanley Furniture, Coastal Living


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Fire Glazed Ceramic Pots

My new craze?  Glazed pots.  I came across these amazing colored glazed pots in what I consider somewhat an unexpected place.  The store is typically known for discount designer clothing and home goods – not for glazed pots.  Aside from the rich vibrant colors that were luring me to them, the price of these pots were out of this world – especially considering their size.  I could hardly resist and so I ended up with 3 of them (you should have seen the shock on my husbands face when I got home as they are rather large and heavy!).  The store  – Marshalls Home Goods. Lime Glaze

I love, love this lime glaze!  The cost:  $25.99.  Height is 18″.

Red Glaze

This fire red beauty is the largest pot I bought standing at 28″ tall.  The price: $79.99.

Green Glaze

Such a beautiful green on this one.  The cost: $29.99. Height is also 18″.

Just remember, if you do purchase any of these, do NOT leave them out over the winter – they will crack.  Now, where to put all of them?

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Lauren Saunders

Good Morning!  Hope everyone’s Tuesday has begun with warm sunshine.  Last night we had some much needed rain accompanied by thunder and lightening.  I always feel invigorated after a good heavy storm.  However, the down side is that it is still cloudy outside.  So, to brighten my morning (and maybe yours) I want to talk about Lauren Saunders fabulous line of couture pillows.  All of the pillows are handmade and made to order in her California studio.  They use all natural fibers such as wool, mohair, and cotton – and are generally abstract in design.  I’ve had a really hard time deciding which pillows from her website to showcase below because they are all so beautiful!

Orange Pillow Collage

Bule Green Pillow Collage

Earth Tone Pillow Collage

I am still drooling over these pillows!  Currently, her site is having a Sample Sale with FREE shipping which is making it even more difficult for me to resist buying a few :)

Images: Lauren Saunders


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Vintage Wallpaper

During the late 80’s,  I remember helping my mom tear down all of the wallpaper throughout our house.  It was becoming a dated look and many seemed to be moving towards a “neutral” world of beige and eggshell walls.  Looking back, somehow I wonder if we were being a bit hasty in our judgment of wallpaper.  Typically, it was durable (I know because taking it down was no easy task!), washable, and of course , could even decorate an empty room.  So why the bittersweet parting?  I’m not exactly sure why, but two things come to mind – 1.  Its overuse in homes and 2. Making changes wasn’t easy.  Both of these points may suggest limiting wallpaper use to an accent wall.  How beautiful would it be to have one wall with velvet motif wallpaper?   Is that even made anymore?   Secondhand Rose in New York carries vintage wallpaper.  They claim to have the worlds largest collection of antique wallpaper ranging from 1860’s to 1970’s.  Movies such as Anne of Green Gables, have used Secondhand Rose as a resource when trying to make period specific sets.   My guess is that they would have my velvety wallpaper.  Here is a tiny sample from their website – does any of this look familiar?

Vintage Wallpaper 1

Vintage Wallpaper 4 I’m not sure that they sell online so we may be stuck just “looking”.  But if your in the New York area, stop by and take a look at their complete selection.

Images: Secondhand Rose


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Decorating for a child’s room or play area can be such an exciting adventures.  Why?  Maybe because there is a little part of me that gets to live vicariously through my kids – especially when they get something I never had.  As a small child, I use to flip through catalogs and rip out pictures of things I could only wish to have.  I would keep the pictures and reference them when day-dreaming.    Wait a minute…I still do that!  Anyway, my girls right now are too young to give me any feedback on what they like and dislike.  So for now, I get to make most of the decisions. Yay!   If your looking to decorate your child’s room/play area with lots of color and unique options, take a look at Moolka.  They carry lots of high quality European toys and room decor such as Haba, Djeco, and L’oiseau Bateau just to name a few.  Lets take a stroll through some of the items I’ve had on my wish list.


Planet of Flowers Carpet.  As a kid, I’m sure I would have been caught day-dreaming on this rug!


I actually have this wall sticker in our nursery! (See picture below).

moolka hooks

There are lots of options for wall hooks and shelves.


His name is Carl Caterpillar!


This wall storage is very reasonably priced at $35.99.


Here is my nursery with the Poetic Tree wall sticker.  The tree and leaves are removable and can be rearranged over and over.   My only suggestion is to not use it on flat wall paint -  it tends to leave a bit of “shadowing” from the stickers.

Images: Moolka, House of Many Hues

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