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Casamania Italy

This past Tuesday, our daughters bed finally arrived – and it looks better than I thought it would in her room!  Even the chair that I bought last weekend compliments the bed beautifully.  Last night I worked on washing all of the new bedding and continued to think of what was left to arrange and purchase in order to finish the room.  I start the list out with 1.  Hang artwork  2.  Buy nightstand  3.  Buy bookshelf  and  4.  Buy a floor lamp.  However, I think I will alter the last item to “Buy a nightstand lamp”.   I have been looking for sometime to buy a white wooden floor lamp.  Unfortunately, all of the lamps that I am enthusiastic about are very expensive – like over $300!  Not only that, with the bed in place now, I’m just not so excited about putting a floor lamp in the design anymore.  So I start my search from scratch and causally surf for lighting.  I then come across Casamania located in Italy.  This happens so often -  I begin searching for something specific and I always end up looking at items that are related, but not what I originally was looking for.  Does this happen to you?

Knit lampshade

While I can’t use this knit hanging lamp, I think this is really cute and will keep it in mind for future projects.

Table Lamp

Not a kids nightstand lamp, but nevertheless a beautiful table lamp.

Images:  Casamania

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