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Hospitality + Shine by S.H.O

In continuing with yesterday’s topic, the question of what I consider as good hospitality was asked.  Many experts have written numerous books on this very subject.  So, for me to completely answer this question in one post would be impossible (not to mention I’m not an expert!).  However, I do have an opinion on a few simple practices.

1.  Personally greet each guest.  I don’t care if your having 100 people over at your house, as the host/hostess it is your responsibility to make sure you welcome each person to your home.  It doesn’t have to be a lengthy greeting, but acknowledging and welcoming your guests is probably one of the most important practices. These people took time out to come to your party – take time out to say hello and thank them for coming out.  And no, just a hand wave across the room is not acceptable.

2.  Always have a snack and drink available.  I know that the norm for most parties today is to bring your own drink and sometimes snack.  However, it may happen that your guest didn’t get the memo.  Don’t leave your guest empty handed!  Always have at least a small snack sitting out and along with something to drink.  It doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage – bottles of water are just fine.  If you can’t afford a few bags of chips and a couple cases of water, maybe having a party is not the best idea.

3.  Make your social rounds.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been to a party where the host/hostess sits in the same spot with the same people all night long.  It can give a strange “clicky” and uninviting vibe to your guests .  Get up and talk to people!  With a large party you may not be able to have a full blown conversation with every single individual (this is why practice #1 is so important), but this creates a comfortable atmosphere for guests to come up and say hi.

4.  Always have a gift ready.  I started this practice years ago and it has served me well on a number of occasions.  I always try to keep on hand a few gifts in the event someone decides to bring an unexpected guest during Christmas (this has happened to me) or I’m headed to a party where it just so happens to be someones birthday.  The gifts don’t have to be expensive.  If I come across a great sale, that’s when I tend think about it and buy what I call “universal” gifts.  Universal gifts for chicas can include lotions, soaps, perfumes, decorative notebooks, oil diffusers, cute bags – basically things that the majority of us girls love.  Guys are even simpler.  Almost every guy I know loves booze.  Even if they get a bottle of something they don’t particularly like, they generally don’t care because it was free!

And there you have what I think are a few hospitable practices.  Before signing off, I leave you with furniture in shades of blue by Shine by S.H.O.  Love the blue velvet couch below…

Manhattan Sofa

Lola Sofa

Marbella Buffet

Images:  Shine by S.H.O

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