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Weekend Happenings + Cox & Cox

Our town has a popular craft show that comes a few times a year.  If I haven’t mentioned before, I love craft shows.  I go to buy unique items, get inspirational ideas for myself, and generally be surrounded with wonderfully creative people.  On Saturday, I packed up my oldest daughter and off the craft show we went.  It was very cold and windy, so once I had my daughter in the stroller I jogged to the front doors.  After walking around the show for a half hour, I was a bit disappointed.

I’ve been contemplating if I should write about my experience at the craft show because it may be a bit negative.  However, I’ve decided to move forward because I learned something that I wanted to share.  Ok, here it goes… I really hope that if anyone from the craft show is reading this, please, please do not get offended.  After perusing the show, the first thing that came to mind is that a good deal of the show was handmade jewelry – which I love.  The issue I had was pricing that seemed to be all over the map.  I saw very similar necklaces ranging from $12 to $115.  I know what you may be thinking – the $115 necklace used better material and semi-precious stones.  Maybe, but nothing told me that.  Not a sign, not a person, nothing was telling me why it was different than the rest.

Finally, I was surprised as to how many crafts were simply outdated.  These were craft items that did extremely well – 15 years ago.  Are people still buying these items?  By the low or no traffic at these booths, I think the answer was clear.  At $95 for an 8′x10′ spot, I’m not sure that some crafters made that in profits for the day.   I walked out of the show with swirls of thinking.  I don’t ever want to be stagnant in life.  I never want to stop learning, trying new things or discontinue my quest of beauty.  All this from a craft show.  But I’m sure I already knew these things…

On a  positive note, when I got home, I was excited to see that my Cox & Cox catalog from the UK had arrived!  So many beautiful things that I decided to showcase just a few of my favorites.

Craft Collage Cox and Cox

From left to right, top to bottom:  Velvet RibbonBox of Gorgeous RibbonsColored Pencils in a Felt Bag, and Childrens Art Frame.

Crystal Glass Collage Cox and Cox

From left to right, top to bottom:  Seedling Paper Pot PressNumber Candle VasesSilver Scatter Flowers,  and Crystal Light Garland.

Pillow Purse Collage Cox and Cox

From left to right, top to bottom:  Kiss Tapestry KitJack CushionVelvet Pencil Case, and  Velvet Beauty Bags.

Images:  Cox & Cox

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