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Xenia Taler

The wall behind our stove top in the kitchen really needs to have a tile backsplash installed.  When we were building our house, I didn’t feel that is was an immediate necessity – not to mention any change or addition to the building spec seemed to create an absurd bill.  But I knew for future longevity of the wall, it would eventually need better protection from all of the cooking elements that the stove top would see.  The latest trend in kitchen backsplashes is glass tile.  While glass tile is absolutely gorgeous, I feel it may be better suited in a bathroom rather than a kitchen.  Not to mention that tile isn’t always an easy design change.   So my concern then is what if in a few years it starts to look dated in the kitchen?  I’m not sure the direction I will take with the tile and so I am keeping an open mind.

The wall space that needs the backsplash isn’t really a lot of square footage so handmade tile is an option.  During my quest of tiles, I encountered Xenia Taler and her beautiful handmade tiles.  I think it would be fun to incorporate some of these tiles into a backsplash!

Her designs are simply adorable and eye-catching!

Images:  Xenia Taler

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