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Festive Drinks and Straws

I love trying new tasty drinks.  I especially love parties that have a signature or house drink.  When I’m in the mood for something different and have no party to go to, I check out what I have in the fridge and cupboards, and then head over to the internet for recipe ideas.  I have to admit that when I try new drinks, whether at a party or a concoction I’ve made, I often don’t like it.  Too sweet, too sour, or too much alcohol is the typical reason why.

I have a couple that I am interested in trying out.  The first is called Limeberry Crush.  This drink combines strawberries, confectioners sugar, and lime juice.  However, to avoid this drink from being too tart, the strawberries need to be really ripe.

For a stronger drink, I’m interested in trying this Mango Blossom.  With ingredients such as mango nectar, lemon, and vodka, I think this one might be a winner. Then just before I take a sip of the newly made drink, I add a one of my colorful straws below.  I’m not sure why it makes the drink more festive, but I’ve noticed that even my daughter tends to sip on drinks she normally refuses!

Images:  Family Fun Magazine, Brides Magazine, House of Many Hues

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