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Parasol Magazine & Parasol Craft Magazine

Today we have 2 magazines to cover both of which are designed and edited by Yasmine Surovec.  Parasol magazine is dedicated to “design + art + creative lifestyles” while Parasol Craft is “a celebration of craft, of design, of simple things…“.  Both magazines are simply delightful with lots of great information.

The magazines are large (+50 pages) and somehow Yasmine manages to do it all herself!  I just can’t imagine how much work she puts into each issue.  So her minimal fee of $2.50 for Parasol Craft is more than just especially considering the amount of information presented.  Plus, before you purchase the magazine, there is a table of contents and preview available (typically +10 pages) that helps you decide if the issue is for you.  As for Parasol magazine, it’s free!

Between the 2 magazines, there are tons of articles on artists, awesome photography, and lots of creative energy.

Images:  Parasol

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