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Peanut and Pip

I am starting out my day with wonderful sunshine pouring through my windows (finally!), a caffeine beverage, and a vitamin E mask – all of which I am in need of.  I can’t remember when the last time I did a vitamin E mask, but at one point in my life (before husband and kids), it was a weekly ritual.  And if I get a few more minutes to myself today, I might even follow it up with a Mud Pac.

I think I might have mentioned before that I have been working on a little felt pillow that most likely will go in my daughters “big girl ” room.  Years ago I got into felting with used wool sweaters.  If you’ve never done this, it’s actually really simple and the possibilities are endless.  You take an old wool sweater (must be 100% wool) that you no longer want to wear and you turn it into felt by washing it in hot soapy water and then running it in the dryer on a hot setting.  I usually repeat this process about 3 times to make sure I get the fabric to felt tightly.  If you don’t have any old wool sweaters, a great place to search are garage sales.  I usually get them for any where between .25 cents to $2.

You may be thinking, “Can’t you just buy felt at a craft store?“.  Yes, you can, but they usually only sell flat solid color felt.  Wool sweaters can have different colors, designs, knit patterns, and textures that you won’t find in craft shops.

Being that I recently bought a few wool sweaters for felting, I’ve been searching for new project ideas when I came across a cute hair clip on Peanut and Pip – an adorable shop for kids items.  Take a look…

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Bird Felt Hair Clip, Owl Wall StickerABC Wall Decoration, Zorro Lollipop Badge, Cow BibDog Zoo Backpack

This hair clip has given me a few ideas I’d like to experiment with.  But first, I must finish the pillow.  It’s actually a really simple pillow that has been fun to make.   I’ll post a few pictures when I’m done.

Images:  Peanut and Pip

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