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Posts from — July 2010

PiP Studio

Have you ever heard about a blissful Amsterdam shop called PiP Studio?   “Happy Products for Happy People” is their motto and as soon as I visited their dreamy site, I was hooked (note:  they have a button on the top right corner of their website for the English version).  They offer products such as wallpaper, porcelain, linens, and stationary just to name a few.  I am a huge fan of whimsy mixed in blue/turquoise and pink and they have heaps of it available.  Here is a sample of PiP’s world…

Images:  PiP Studio


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Tracy Lee Lynch

Tracy Lynch is a beautiful stylist that has been featured in such magazines as Elle Decoration.  Her style is inspirational and very feminine.  Take a look…

Images:  Tracy Lee Lynch


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Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is an illustrator and a really cool typographer.  It is a specialized occupation that dates back thousands of years when it was used on coins and seals.  There is something very special about beautifully designed lettering and Jessica definitely has talent.  Her work varies from elegant to funky and fun.  Posters and individual letters are offered for sale in her shop.  Here is a tiny sample of her work.  Isn’t it amazing?

If you are interested in reading up more on typography, check out Jessica’s blog.  Another great resource to consider is a blog called I Love Typography.

Images:  Jessica Hische


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Living Etc.

Good Wednesday to you!  I hope all is going well for you today.  As I mentioned last night, I went to bed a little earlier than my typical time.  But that didn’t mean I actually went to sleep.  I usually turn on the tv for a few minutes before going to sleep and last night I landed on a show called “If you Really Knew Me“.  It’s a reality show on MTV where camera crews go from high school to high school and document the experience of Challenge Day, “a one-day program that breaks down the walls between cliques, and completely changes the way students view their school and each other”.  I am completely amazed what these kids go through and how devastating texting and Facebook can become when students resort to posting mean things electronically.   It was a very emotional show as I watched how Challenge Day taught students to respect each which in turn brought everyone closer together.

What’s shocking about this is that I’ve noticed adults – in particular high ranking bloggers – do the same thing!  Just yesterday, while reading one of my favorite blogs, the blogger was ranting about someone who had potentially stolen some images from their site.  While I have no issue with bloggers ranting on this subject, I think calling out the individuals name and linking to their website (which they took down) might not be the smartest way to handle this.

Well, lets move on to the real purpose of my post – colorful and luxurious living rooms from Living Etc. I know I’ve mentioned this numerous times here, but I really wish I could get a new couch set for great room.  Maybe even something like this…

I love this green chair.  The bright pink pillow is what brings everything to life in this living room.

The two photos below are luxurious living rooms.  You don’t have to have many “luxurious” items in a room to make it luxurious.  Really, the only item in the photo below that creates this mood is the chandelier.  Any other light fixture, and you might not get the same effect.

I really must get going to get my kids ready for reading time and playgroup at the library.  I hope to pop back in later this evening.  Have a wonderful day and maybe stop by later for some more inspirational finds.

Images:  Living Etc.


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Around the House

Good evening everyone!  I thought I’d drop by my happy place here with you.  Today I was feeling a bit under the weather.  I’ve been experiencing strange throat pain on and off over the last few months and last night it really began to bother me.  So this morning I decided that it had been long enough and it was time to go to the doctor to hopefully find out what was causing the pain.  I made an appointment with an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor and after a painful camera was put up my nose and down my throat, we are all still unsure what is going on.  The doctor suggested I try two medications and come back in 3 weeks.  I guess we’ll see if anything improves (keep your fingers crossed!).

I think tonight I will slip into bed a bit earlier than normal and get some extra rest.  See you in the morning!

I took this picture today just as the sun was disappearing into the night sky.  Candles always make me feel better!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Kate Spade

I’m not sure why I’m compelled to dress up my iPod, but with such artful options as the ones offered by Kate Spade, not much explanation is required.  These iPhone cases in her collection are bright, chic, and make a statement.  I’m partial to the the blue stripy one in case you were thinking of buying me one…

Images:  Kate Spade


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Deux par Deux

For many, next month means the start of a new school year.  I know, I know it seems absolutely wrong to even be discussing this as school just got out last month.  And by no means do we need to mention this to the kiddies (let them enjoy the wonders of summer!).   But I bring it to your attention because many childrens clothing lines have already begun releasing their Fall lines.  Deux par Deux is no exception and has brought us yet another exceptional Fall collection.

I can’t stop looking at all of the beautiful photos!  This photographer captured such amazing shots.  I wonder how long it took to shoot the catalog and if the children were generally cooperative.  To see the full catalog, click here (must have Adobe).

If you happen to find something over at Deux par Deux you can’t live without, act quickly.  About 2 years about, I fell in love with a breathtaking corduroy jacket for my daughter.  It was on the pricey side (for me!) so I thought I’d wait for a sale and have regretted it ever since.  The jacket sold out everywhere – including eBay and so I never got it.

Other great kids designer lines to consider:

1.  Catimini – A European clothing line created by Monique and Paul Salmon in 1972.

2. Oilily – Another European childrens clothing line established in 1963.  Aside from selling childrens clothes, they also sell accessories and womens clothing.

3. Room Seven – Unique and fabulous clothing, bedding, and greeting cards from the Netherlands.

Images:  Deux par Deux


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Sandi Henderson Design

I can’t think of a summer where I have worked on so many fabric projects.  Typically, most of my fabric projects happen during the comfy/cozy seasons of Fall and Winter.  But something is different this year and I haven’t quite figured out what (not that it really matters because I have been enjoying myself!).   Do you have a time of the year you tend to work on fabric projects?

One possible reasons my sewing machine is working harder (and needs oiling) this summer is the availability of so many great fabric designs and projects.  Looking for a new fabric project?  Sandi Henderson Design offers some free projects for download (must have Adobe).  One of the options is a fabric pinwheel that looks great placed over a bed or on the wall of a playroom.  Pair up different fabrics and see the magic that forms.

These are some of the fabrics that Sandi designs and offers for sale.  Look how delicious the bright bold colors are!

Images:  Sandi Henderson Design

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