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Getaway + Shabby Chic

Hi everyone!  Hope your holiday weekend was safe and enjoyable!  Yesterday, we took the kids and visited Kirk’s Grandmother who is 98 years old.  She stays very positive and continues to be an inspiration for me.  As we talked yesterday, I really wanted to laugh as she described the story of a young woman and her daughters.  The “young woman” was 82.

We also spent the weekend transplanting perennials from our old house to our new home.  Of course we picked the hottest day to do this!  But nevertheless, we filled our car with plants and planted them almost immediately.  Hopefully, they will thrive in their new homes.  There are still so many left – mostly hostas.

With all of our work, we didn’t get much time to rest.  Today will also be a day of running around as we prepare to leave for our trip to Mackinac Island.  We will be leaving tomorrow and won’t return until the end of the week.  I will post when possible but most likely they will be short.  Can’t wait to get to the boat that takes us to the island!

Today I’m loving the elegant mixed with relaxed version of shabby chic design – especially the chic portion.  It has been said that shabby chic design originally started in Great Britain in the large country homes.  Since then the style has emerged into many different forms.  Take a look at these versions…The plum colors in this photo is absolutely divine!  The hats above add the “relaxed” feel to this very fun yet elegant cabinet.

Wouldn’t you love to have this craft space?  I imagine that this work area is tucked in a little quite corner of the house.   But really, what more do you need?  I have a tiny room that holds all of my craft supplies and am so glad to have such a place for my creative things.

What else do you think of when you hear shabby chic?  I think of birdcages and chandeliers.

1.  Digital Art Clip 2.  Art Print Giclee 3.  Chandelier Pillow Case

How about roses?  Roses must be the definition of shabby chic!  Take a look at this stunning turquoise rose necklace

Well, I must go now to prepare for my trip.  I hope to check in soon!

Images:  Rom123, Etsy (See links)

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