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Paris Apartment

Bonjour everyone!  In recent months I have been evaluating some of my life goals.  Had I achieved most everything that I desired and dreamed of so far?  Did I need to revise any of my ambitions?  My review resulted with a few changes that were mostly related to some needed self improvements (isn’t this always the case?).  Overall, I feel satisfied with my life  and where its going.  I feel I’m making progress in all of my categories – except for one.  International travel.  For years I have had a mental list of the cities and countries I would love to visit (thankfully, most of it matches my husbands list!).  We need to work on how we will fulfill these aspirations.

One place that ranks highly on my list is Paris.  I have been interested in Paris since high school and in most recent years was working on learning French through Pimsleur’s program. I even play my daughters DVD’s in French so that they are exposed as well!

One hobby of mine is looking up houses and apartments for sale overseas.  My husband is very much open to the idea of one day retiring outside of the US.  While the apartment I found below is out of our price range,  I still love the location and view this apartment has to offer.  It’s located in the Paris-lle-de-France region and offers 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a balcony for approx. $580,000 US.

This apartment is situated on the 5th floor.  What a wonderful view from the balcony!A more affordable apartment is located in Capi, France for approx. $205,000 US.  It also has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a balcony.

Images:  Prestige Property, Tanego

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