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The Comforts of Home

We arrived from our trip on Friday evening and as always, we are happy to be back in our home and sleeping in our very own beds.  However, my husband and I really wish we had a few more days to explore the ghost towns that were in the area.  But for now, we are getting back into our routine and already talking about where our next getaway will be.

I mentioned that on my trip I was reading a decorating book by Atlanta Bartlett titled, “The Comforts of Home: Creating Relaxed Rooms with a Romantic Feel“.  The books goal is to inspire you to develop your own sense of style with suggested strategies from the author.  The book is filled with gorgeous pictures and divided into 2 sections – The Relaxed Look and Relaxed Rooms.

The online reviews of this book have been mixed and I think I may know why.  First, the book is geared towards a modern minimalist style – which is one of many styles I love to read about but may not be for everyone.  If you purchased the book and didn’t know that, it could be disappointing.  Second, I found that some of the suggestions Bartlett proposes may be a bit difficult to envision because I have children.  What does that mean?  It means that some of the ideas presented might not hold up if you have small kids.  One such example is to drape accessories over a table or dresser.  Not sure about your household, but I know in mine it would all get yanked down and then dragged around the house!   However, I think with a little “child proofing”, the suggestions could work out very well.

Images:  The Comforts of Home,  Arrangement of photos by House of Many Hues

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