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Lollipop Pottery

I was recently introduced to a superb pottery shop called Lollipop Pottery.  The shop is ran by couple Tyson and Jessica Geib.  Tyson runs the potters wheel while Jessica does the paint and glaze work.  All the pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe and most importantly lead free.

In addition, the decals on the pottery are made from Jessica’s original pen/ink drawings.  Bringing me to her characters Monster, LolliSkull, and the newest edition LolliHoot.  These little guys evoke such personality that aside from the statement they make on the pottery, I think they are worthy as characters in their own graphic novel (hint, hint).  Just an idea.

Images:  Lollipop Pottery


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Weekend Finds

Hello Friends!  Hope your weekend was long enough (mine sure wasn’t – I don’t think it ever is!).  I mentioned last Friday that I had a few engagements that happen to fall on the same day.  I decided not to attend either event on Sunday because I really felt that I needed some rest.  One of the events I was to attend was an Art Show.  After some research, I found out that it was going to be held again in a few weeks.  Yeah!  Maybe I will be able to attend then.  I just love looking at what people have created.  I get such a fun, warm, happy feeling when I go to these shows!

On Saturday, I went to a Mom 2 Mom sale in my town.  Never heard of a Mom 2 Mom sale?  Oh, they are sooo wonderful!  Moms bring in gently used items (clothes, toys, books, maternity clothes, you name it) and sell them at discounted prices.  I took my oldest daughter and found some really cute stuff.  One item I immediately fell in love with, was this colorful elephant rocker…

I strictly bought it because it made me happy.  I thought that maybe when my youngest daughter was old enough to ride it, she might take a liking to it.  I had no expectations that my oldest daughter would even care about it, but much to my surprise she loves it.   Lunch was even served with her on the rocker.

What I also found interesting at the sale was a woman that was extremely attached to the items she was selling.  I happen to come across a really cute cardigan (by Oilily) that she had marked $4.50.  It looked brand new and felt really luxurious.  With so many bags in my hand and my daughter at my feet,  I asked her if she would take $4 as I happen to just have that in my hand (I was in no mood to dig for the 0.50 cents in my purse).  Did I mention how crowded these events are?  The woman took a hold of the cardigan and began explaining that she had paid $40 for it and that her daughter never wore it.  I listened patiently, waiting for the answer to my question.  “It’s really hard for me to sell these things…” and on she went.  After a few moments, she said “I can’t go below $4.25″.  OMG!  I set my stuff down, took my purse, and gave her 0.50 cents.  Here’s the cardigan…

As I mentioned last Friday, I have an interview scheduled with artist Talitha Shipman that will be posted this Wednesday.  Stop by to check it out – your gonna love her artwork!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Lynn Cardwell + Happy Weekend!

I’ve been enjoying in my area what appears to be the transition into Fall.  The days are still warm and full of glorious sunshine.  I have flowers that are still in bloom and even some that have yet to bloom (which seems unusual for this type).  But the cool evenings and earlier nightfall are strong suggestions that summer is soon to end.  I don’t mind – in fact, I adore Fall and everything that it has to offer – especially the vibrant colors.  This is exactly what I think of when looking at Lynn Cardwell’s Pottery.  The colors are so gorgeous!  I might just buy myself a set as a present.  Oh, and did you notice the lighter color tone swirl in each bowl?

{photo removed per artist request}

For the last few months I’ve been hooked on listening to podcasts.  The types and topics I find enchanting are all over the place – parenting, knitting, psychology, film, do you get the idea?  There is so much to learn and discover that I wish I had more time to sit back and listen.  If you’ve never played a podcast I encourage you to try and download some (there are literally thousands available).  All of the podcasts I listen to are FREE – so no need to go out and spend lots of money.  A good starting place is Podcast and Podcast Alley.  Let me know if you find any gems.

The weekend is here so it’s time to let loose and enjoy!  However, I’m a bit indecisive as to what events I want to attend because they happen to fall on the same day.  Not sure how much I want to pack in this weekend.  Hopefully the morning will bring a fresh look at my options.  What are you planning to do?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – next week I have an artist interview planned.  Her work is absolutely charming so you won’t want to miss it!  Hope you have a delightful weekend.

Images {removed per artist request}:  Lynn Cardwell Pottery


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How charming are these wall stickers by Mimi’lou?  French designer and artist Miriam Derville began as an art director in Paris creating advertisements for large companies.  At home, she started drawing animals on the bedroom walls for her children.  Soon everyone who saw the drawings wanted one too and so emerged her decals.  Miriam is said to be inspired by children and poetry.

String of Pearls

Bird Wall Border

Cherry Blossom

I’d love to put one of these in my daughters room.  Unfortunately, I am really disappointed that I can’t find a US based website/shop that carries any of the above designs.  Her website shows ABC Home as a source, but I couldn’t find it listed anywhere.  Just my luck!

Images:  Mimi’lou


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Chocolate and Tea

I have to admit that I have never contemplated the combination of chocolate with tea but I’m thinking this might be a really wonderful treat from Smile Chocolatiers!  They use high quality gourmet Belgian Chocolate with crushed organic tea.  The website describes it as “…utterly delicious”.

Images:  Smile Chocolatiers


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Perfume Oils

I’ve had a secret desire for many years to design my own fragrances.  I was so serious and interested about the process that I bought a vintage copy of William Poucher’s out of print book Perfumes, Cosmetics, and Soaps.  Poucher was a chemist who worked for Yardley – which you may have heard of.  He wrote his book in the early 1920’s and is still regarded as an expert by many in today’s industry.  There was only one problem with my interest – I could not tolerate exposure to more than one fragrance at a time.  As soon as I am exposed to two or more fragrances (being it perfume or oils), I start to feel sick.  Can you believe it?  While I have no issues if many different oils are in one mixture, I can’t handle them sitting out individually. Weird.

So when I learned about IslandGirlz over at Etsy, I was excited.  This shop allows you to create custom designed tropical fragrances.  Choose up to 6 different fragrances and IslandGirlz will blend them for you!  She also has a sister shop called Opulent Alchemy that you will want to check out if your in the market for designer inspired perfume oils.

Imgaes:  Opulent Alchemy


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OM Home

Hey ladies!   Have you ever heard of OM Home?   I just discovered this online shop and enjoyed all the fabric goods in the various colors and patterns offered.  Oorabee Ray is a textile designer who owns and runs OM Home.  She uses a modernised version of an ancient design method called Alpona.   According Oorabee’s site, Alpona is “a common Indian folk art form, primarily deployed in decorating both the inside and outside of homes, temples and sometimes public buildings on religious and festive occasions“.   Typically, the ancient motifs were made with rice poweder, a type of dye such as vegetable, and a cloth wick.   Today, her motif’s are incorporated in modern day home textiles offered in her shop.

Currently, OM Home is having an inventory sale with items up to 75%.  There are phenomenal deals on bedding, table linens, pillows, and bags – but supply appears to be limited.

Images:  OM Home


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The Cupcake Social

I noticed that I ran out of cupcake liners and found these really amazing ones offered at The Cupcake Social that I will be ordering.  Even average tasting cupcakes can look especially gorgeous in these pretty liners!

Images:  The Cupcake Social

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