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Decorating Journey

I’ve been thinking about the day when I will finally be finished decorating my house.  My progress over the past 2 years has been much slower than I had hoped for but with good reason – I’ve been busy having babies.  The windows in the basement still need curtains, our master bedroom is in desperate need of  a headboard and dresser, the entrance could use some artwork, and so on and so forth.  Would I ever be finished?  After some careful thinking, I have realized that most likely this will never happen.  A little surge of uneasiness hit me as I made this thought.  Had I ever “finished” the decor at any of the homes I’ve lived in?  The answer was no.  So how could I live with never really being finished?

I thought about the day that started my passion (obsession) with design and decorating.  It was about 11 years ago and I was living in a small apartment.  I was starting from scratch and really had no furniture to call my own.  I took a look at the all gray and white apartment (so boring) and thought  – I want color.  Up until this point in my life, I was told by many to always “keep your decor neutral” for resale purposes.  But I was in an apartment and there was no resale to be concerned about.  So I bought a can of the most beautiful raspberry color and painted one of the walls in my dining room.  The result was amazing and felt so right!  I found that by changing this one very simple thing, it not only made a huge impact in the look of my little apartment, but more importantly how it made me feel.  It energized and excited me to no end (just thinking about it now makes me happy!) and from that day forward I changed my outlook on decorating.

But going back to my original thought – how am I going to handle the continuous cycle of decorating?  Upon further thinking, I came to a conclusion that seems to have satisfied me -  I wasn’t done trying new things.  I’ve been focusing on reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, but in reality it’s the journey I should be enjoying.  Getting to know myself, what excites and inspires me has been absolutely amazing.  It has shaped the person I’ve become and most likely the person I will evolve into.  Why would I stop now?

P.S.  Here is the photo that I promised yesterday of my girls bathroom with the Rachel Ashwell shower curtain I picked up over the weekend.

Images:  House of Many Hues

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