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Weekend Updates

Good Monday to everyone!  As I mentioned Friday, hubby left to meet up with some techie friends on Saturday and so I and the girls went shopping.  I was so amazed with all of the back to school/college deals that I stocked up on some supplies (even thought I don’t have any school age children!).  Notebooks for $.10, washable magic markers for $2, colorful bath towels for $3, and so much more!  My favorite item I bought was a dry/erase calendar board that I put up on the fridge.  I know, I know.  How can one be so excited about a dry/erase calendar board (that’s also magnetic)?  Our other calendar sat on the kitchen counter and was not looked at on a daily basis.  I can’t tell you how many times the weekend would arrive and my husband would say, ” I didn’t know we were (fill in the blank)”.  Now, each time my husband or I visit the fridge, we can see what the week holds or make updates.

Did I mention what a project packed weekend it was?  I had time to dream up new projects while finishing up some still in progress.  One such project was the number wall cards that I hung above my daughters’ toy shelf.  I got these wall cards a little while back and wasn’t sure what to do with them.  Here’s what it looks like…

My daughter just loved the cards on the wall!  I used purple velvet ribbon pinned on each end and alligator clips to hold the cards.  The great thing about this setup is that I can change the cards to prints or artwork anytime.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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House Doctor + Happy Weekend

I’ve been spending the evening flipping through two stunning catalogs from House Doctor, a Danish interior design company formed by two sisters and their brother in 1999.  There are currently two catalogs available, Everyday 2010 and Moments 2010 – both of which are must sees.   Their product range is wide and all designed in Denmark.  Too bad they don’t have any dealers in the States yet!  I would love to place a (huge) order!

As for the weekend, it will be just the girls and I on Saturday as hubby will be traveling to meet up with some of his geek friends.  I had plans of taking the girls with me to a vintage shop, but found out that a huge local event will be blocking most of the traffic in the area.  Maybe next weekend.

Hope your weekend is fulfilling and safe!  See you next week for more inspired designs and finds!


Images:  House Doctor


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Branches in the Bedroom

The last few mornings, my daughter, baby, and I have been walking around our property enjoying the morning birds while looking for just the “right” tree branch. I’ve been looking for a narrow birch tree branch that stands roughly 6′ tall.   Unfortunately, we don’t have any that grow on our property so I will have to improvise.   I’m thinking about putting this branch in my daughters room as part of the decor.

I’m not sure exactly why I’m so drawn to this look.  Of course, part of the reason is that it’s bringing a bit of the outdoors in.  But there’s more to it than that – to me, it’s also a piece of artwork in the room.  Take a look at these…

I love how this branch has been suspended from the ceiling.  How I would have been elated to have this in my room as a child!  Do you see the white doves that have been added?

Here, branches have been added to the light fixture, used as the support for the canopy, and a window swag.  Does this look excite you?

Images:  Rom123


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Lamp in a Box

What a House of Many Hues lamp would look like from Lamp in a Box:

I love the look so much I might just place the order!  Lamp in a Box offers you the ability to design your own table top lamp shade.  Choose a layout, upload a high resolution photo, and poof  – you have a unique signature lamp shade! Cost for the lamp shade is only $25 while the brushed nickel lamp base is $34.  Very reasonable.

Don’t have an image you want to upload?  Check out their original designs.

Images:  Lamp in a Box (with House of Many Hues color Tiles)


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Designing and Printing Fabrics

Have you ever had a project that required fabric where you knew the design and feel that you were targeting but after a trip to the fabric store came up with nothing?  This very thing just happened to me this past weekend!  I envisioned a large print fabric with blues, greens, and yellows.  While there were lots of beautiful fabrics available, none of them came close to my minds fabric.  Then by complete coincidence, I came across not one, but two fabulous companies that offer you the ability to design and print your own fabric.

Want to print your designs at home?  Inkbloom offers their Loomtrack technology (printable vinyl) to use on your home inkjet printer (not designed for Laser printers).  You can purchase a roll of Loomtrack (8.5″ x 108″) for around $18.50, print your design, and then stick it to a base fabric (also sold on their site).  No heat required – just stick it on!

The second company is Spoonflower located in North Carolina.  Their process is simple – upload your design, choose your fabric (type of cotton), and the yardage.  Spoonflower uses eco-friendly inks and natural fiber fabrics.  Prices range from $18 to $32 a yard with no minimum order.  Want to share your original designs with the world?  You can sell your fabric designs in the Spoonflower marketplace and earn 10% of the sales price.

I haven’t quite given up on finding a fabric similar to what I have in mind.  However, I do have a great excuse to try out one of these services if nothing comes up.  I’ll let you know if I do!

Images:  Inkbloom, Spoonflower


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Dining by Design Detroit 2010 – More Photos!

As promised in my earlier post today, here are more photos from Dining by Design Detroit.  Because there was so much to see, I took tons of pictures and wish I could include all of them.  But nevertheless, here are some really fabulous dining settings.  Hope you enjoy!

This table had a chandelier made of rope, two metal rings, and moss.  The display had so many shrubs and trees that I felt like I was actually outside on someone’s patio.

Very urban dining experience.  This setting was made using 3 long tables put together to make one big square – great for entertaining a large group of people.  I thought it was interesting that an architecture book was placed on the table (front right side).  What a great topic of conversation for dinner!

Lots of squares and rectangles at this display.  The plates were also square with a colorful geometric pattern.

This setup was elegant and crisp (with another square table – seems to be a popular choice).

I look forward to next years show and dream that more displays be added.  Have a great evening and see you tomorrow!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Dining by Design Detroit 2010

Good Monday everyone!  Hope your weekend was full of  excitement and fun!  Were you able to accomplish everything you had hoped for?  Did you manage to sneak in some rest?  My weekend was full of activities and work (huh!).  But luckily lots of my work was related to the site which I enjoy.

You may have noticed that the “Free Projects” area is now active!  I have worked on this section for a few weeks and hope you find something that will spark your creative side.  My plan is to continue to add links and watch this area grow.

At the end of last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Dining by Design in Detroit.  You many remember that I talked about it last month in this post (at the time I had no idea that I would be going!).  There were 27 displays in all with various design elements.  The designers showcased imagination and lots of creativity.  Take a look at some of the photos I took (there are quite a few!).

This was one of my favorites.  I noticed a few displays using lettering and typography as a design element.  Here it is used with the wallpaper, the block letters on the cake stand, and magazine covers on the photo stands.   The lighting was made out of old canning jars, the placemats were sheets of colorful paper, and the apricots gave the display an appropriate “punch” of color.

In this dining experience, the bowls were filled with stones, moss, and little plants!  I loved the square table and use of two benches.

More use of letters and typography!  Block letters were even placed on the plates.

Checkout the chandelier – it’s made of spoons and teacups!

More photo’s to follow today!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Bloomingdale’s + Happy Weekend!

Last night when my husband came home, he raced in, mentioned something about a Perseid meteor shower, and then raced back outside.  I finished the article I was working on, poured a drink, and headed out.  By the time I sat down next to my husband, he explained that he had already seen about 5 meteors dart across the sky.  I laid back and just watched.  As my vision adjusted to the night sky, I could not believe how many twinkling stars were visible.  Then – zoom!  I saw two meteors shoot across the sky.  This was absolutely amazing!

The temperature outside was perfect and there was an ever so slight breeze that occasionally came and went.  I felt completely in the moment and at peace – which was really needed after a stressful week.   We were so relaxed that I had a slight concern we would fall asleep outside.  Maybe if we had the below Bloomingdale’s bed (as advertised in Lonny Magazine), I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  How pretty is this bedding?

Our family has lots of plans this weekend that include an airshow, a back to school outdoor party, shopping, and much more.  Hope your weekend is everything you hoped it would be!  See you next week for more inspired designs and finds!

Images:  Lonny Magazine, Bloomingdale’s

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