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Posts from — September 2010

Spare Moments

Guard well your spare moments.  They are like uncut diamonds.  Discard them and their value will never be known.   Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life“, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I realized the value of spare time and moments many years ago and in turn made adjustments to my lifestyle.  Recently, my oldest daughter has reminded me of this again.  For the past few evenings, my daughter (and sometimes baby) and I have spent quite a bit of time reading.  There’s a process we follow – she selects a few books, we snuggle up to each other on the couch or in bed, and then discuss each frame in the book.  I love watching her fall deep into my descriptions of what is happening on each page – excited and interested to learn.   Generally, I would do this for a book or two and then go off to do dishes, laundry, etc.  But lately, I’ve decided to let her determine how many books we read.  She usually gets to about 5 books before tiring.  The funny thing is that by allowing myself to wallow in the moment with her, I’m now asking her for “just one more“.

So where to but all these books?  I wanted to keep the books handy and easily accessible.  So I opted for a Hemnes shelving unit from Ikea for the play area.   The books are kept on the lowest shelf while toys are stored on the others.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they sell this model anymore.

The majority of our kids books are upstairs because many times we lay in bed and read.   For this location, we purchased a Billy shelving unit from Ikea.  Both units have served us well.

Looking forward to adding more books to these shelves – the used book sale is next month!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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If I am ever in London, I will make it a point to visit BHS (formerly British Home Stores).  They carry contemporary products at reasonable prices.  I specially am attracted to their Soft Furnishings Shop where they offer many cushions such as the  Zebra pattern (made of wool – and available in 8 colors).  Ruffles, Crinkle, and Frill cushions are also for sale at unbelievable prices!

Should I ever live in London, I would love to get a job working for BHS – especially since they give their employee’s a 20% discount.  Lucky!

Images:  BHS


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Pale and Interesting

I came upon a refreshing and effervescent shop called Pale and Interesting.  I have been in desperate need of simplicity (and style) for the last few days and I found everything I was looking for in this UK based shop.  It’s ran by husband and wife team Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote.  Atlanta is an interior stylist who is known for her work in such magazines as Elle Decoration and House & Garden.   She also has written popular books such as The Relaxed Home (temporarily out of print) and Easy Elegance.   You may remember me mentioning her in a previous post here

Dave Coote is a furniture and interior designer who also art directed the short film Paris, Brixton.  Between Atlanta and Dave, the backgrounds are so vast that it’s no wonder each is highly sought after by such clients as Laura Ashely and Ikea.  It’s also no wonder their products are so gorgeous.

Note:  The mint green Antique Birdcage above is an actual antique with the chicken wire from France.

Images:  Pale and Interesting


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Mood Board

Good Morning Friends.  I worked on a mood board this weekend and while I found it inspirational, most of my work ended up in the trash.  My heart was completely into mixing colors, painting, and creating, but my mind just could not focus.  Here is what didn’t end up in the garbage…

On the top left corner is a thick green/yellow velvet swirl wrapping paper that I purchased many years ago at Papyrus.  Since then, this wrapping paper has been the inspiration for many of my projects.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Flower Garden Blooms

I stepped outside yesterday to see the condition of my flowers as I have not done anything with them in well over 2 weeks.  Much to my surprise, everything looked healthy and was bursting with blooms.  It put a smile on my face to see the butterflies and bees enjoying my flowers.

The Lamb’s Ear was ever so soft and the Lavender very fragrant. The large and small pink flowers are a type of Sedum.

Image:  House of Many Hues


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Yarn Wreaths

For years I had a wreath on the front door of our previous home.  It was made of long tree branches shaped into a medium size ringlet.  A little angel with a gingham dress sat inside the wreath and welcomed everyone that came with a smile.   When it came time to take the wreath down for the move, my front door and porch felt so cold and unwelcoming.

My new home needs an inviting wreath for the front porch and I think this one from AnnaHailey is just perfect.  The yarn and felt flowers scream warmth while the initial adds personalization and whimsy. 

Images:  AnnaHailey


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With all that has happened this past week, I haven’t wanted to do much – except paint with my watercolors.  Seems strange, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me.  I’ve been surrounded by sorrow and darkness and I think that painting will not only satisfy my typical craving for creativity, but also serve as an outlet for my grief.  Colors will definitely be playing an even larger part in my life.

Images:  House of Many Hues


September 22, 2010   2 Comments


Hello Friends.  Thank you for all your messages and gentle words.  I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to write about the awful week I’ve had – but thought that I at least owed it to you, my readers, to explain why there was an interruption to my postings.  Last week Tuesday, it was a sunny and warm day.  I was happily finishing up the posting on Felted Wool Acorns with the promise to return with instructions on how I made them – but never did.  Just minutes after publishing that post, I received a call that would forever change my life.  My mom called to let me know that my dad had a massive heart attack.  She was not sure if he had survived and so my husband, kids, and I immediately went to the hospital to find out.  Sadly, he did not make it.

So begins my journey of learning to live life without my dad.  Without ever talking to him again, without ever seeing him again…at least in this life.

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September 22, 2010   2 Comments