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I know that many of you have asked about where I have been.  There has been a family emergency and I don’t expect to return back to the blog until next week (if I am prepared to do so) at which time I will provide further details.  Just can’t talk about it now…

Thank you for your continued support.



September 16, 2010   No Comments

Felted Wool Acorns

We have an abundant of Oak trees on our property and with Oak trees comes lots of acorns!  What to do with them all?  Last Fall, I suggested the idea to collect and store them in our garage.  When the harshest snowy months arrived, we cleared a spot in our yard and placed acorns every few days for the deer and squirrels.  I think that acorn collecting is going to become a Fall tradition at our home along with making felted wool acorns.  These colorful and fuzzy little dots brought such goodness and warmth when scattered around the house.  I especially loved putting them in unexpected spots in our home.  You just can’t resist touching them!

Interested in making your own felted wool acorns?  I’ll post instructions here later this evening.

Images:  House of Many Hues


September 14, 2010   2 Comments


This upcoming month will mark my 6th wedding anniversary!  While we had been engaged for awhile, we finalized the wedding date in July of 2004.  Our decision was to marry in October…of the same year – leaving us just 3 1/2 months to put a wedding together!  Surprisingly, despite the limited planning time, everything went very smoothly and was 90% stress free.  We couldn’t have chosen a better time to get married as it was the height of the Fall color change in our area.

So with all this swirling in my mind today, I’ve got wedding dresses, cakes, and decor on the mind.  I started entertaining my thoughts by checking out Lazaro’s bridal gowns – the designer I happened to use for my wedding dress.  Their designs seem to contain that bit of whimsy  I love while also maintaining a level of elegance.  Here is one sample from their Fall 2010 collection.

Wedding favors can also be a challenge.  What to buy, how to display, and so on.  Love this idea from Martha Stewart showcasing wedding favors on one table.  Only potential worry is that some guests could take more than one favor, so you may have to factor in a few additional.

More and more brides are thinking green as they consider the products and services they use and it’s impacting on the environment.  A great book to checkout is Green Wedding, by Mireya Navarro.  Mireya discusses how couples can achieve their dream wedding and still be green.

Love weddings?  Here are some great wedding blogs to consider:

1.  Green Wedding Shoes – Lots of wonderful wedding galleries, DIY projects, and resources.

2.  The Wedding Chicks -  This wedding blog is about “…everything new, classic, funky, hip and just plain fun for weddings“.

3.  Style Me Pretty – Lots of bridal inspirations showcasing real weddings.  Checkout the Bridal Community tab for lots of fabulous ideas.

4. Ruffled – This blog showcases the vintage inspired bride.  Along with great articles, you’ll find a section on DIY Projects and Wedding Templates.

Images:  Lazaro (Wedding Dress), Martha Stewart (Favors with Wisteria Floral), Amazon (Green Wedding Book)


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Weekend Updates

Hello Friends!  Did you have an enjoyable weekend?  Did you watch any good movies?  As Fall and Winter approaches, I tend to watch a little more tv and a few more movies.  However, this weekend was another spent playing with watercolors, fabrics, paper, and even some colored pencils.  I worked with some new vibrant watercolors and just loved it.  It was effortless to brush color on the paper because of the rich tones (the purple’s and magenta’s were ever so deep) – a little color went a long way.

Yesterday afternoon’s weather was perfectly warm and justified a visit to the playground.  It was a nice surprise for my daughter (and husband who got to watch a little football in peace).  When I came back home, the girls took a nap and some time around 7pm I had the crazy idea of going to the playground again.  Again?  Yes.  How many days this warm were left?  I packed the girls up again and off to the playground we went.  I was happy to see others savoring the last few days of summer.  I saw one father working with his sons on their baseball game while one couple was teaching their daughter to ride a bike for the first time.  I knew it was time to go home when nightfall began to set in and I smelled dinner being cooked by the neighboring homes.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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The Conran Shop

The unique bird lamp by The Conran Shop put such a smile on my face that I wanted to share it with you!  I wonder what cats think of this lamp?

Images: Conran


September 9, 2010   3 Comments


In my area, as the season begins to change, we have been experiencing cool mornings, warm afternoons, and windy evenings.  I have been taking advantage of mornings and evenings to open the windows and let the crisp fresh air in.  As a child growing up, my mom would open all the windows every Sunday to air the house out – even in the dead of winter.  In Europe, where my mother is from, this seems to be common practice.  So for today, I encourage you to open a window, sit back with your favorite magazine, and enjoy some fresh air – regardless of where you live!

Most likely because it’s getting cooler, I’m loving these little bits of orange items from Nest. You will most likely only have to deal with this obsession of mine until October.  Ok, maybe November.

Nest Collage with Hint of Orange

Flora Flat ShoesPocket Mirror Night OwlCapri JournalDottie Ring

Images:  Nest


September 8, 2010   No Comments

Creative Weekend

Good Morning Friends!  Hope your weekend was safe and happy.  Mine was filled with creative outlets which mostly included watercolor painting.  I mentioned last Friday that I had a large art project I was thinking about and when I sat down to draw the sketch of what I wanted to do, my mind and body veered towards the paint brushes and paints.  While I did not work on my “large” art project, I did play with some small ones which was equally satisfying.

I just started this one late last night and have a ways to go before it’s finished.  This is my Carnival Inspiration.  There was no thought out plan, I just picked up the brushes and this is where I landed.

This one, called Bouquet of Roses, was sooo much fun to make that I wanted to make another one!

I learned some new fun techniques along the way that I would like to explore.  But the best part of the weekend was watching my daughter get exposed to watercolors for the first time.  She came to visit me as I “colored”.  I asked her if she wanted to paint and she nodded.  I loved watching her mix colors, work her brush,  and splash water around.  I’ve never seen her so enthralled with anything before.  No rules, just pure creative fun!

Images:  House of Many Hues


September 7, 2010   No Comments

Happy Weekend

I know I’m a bit late posting, but I thought better late then never!  My daughters are at grandma’s and hubby and I had opportunity to go out to dinner alone.  While the restaurant we went to was absolutely horrible (I couldn’t even eat the food – it was that bad), I’m glad to have spent some time alone.

This holiday weekend (it’s Labor Day for those of you outside of the US) and I plan on just working on my hobbies.  I’ve been thinking about starting a huge mixed media art project (maybe 4′ x 6′) but need to sketch out my design.  The inspiration for this work will be Valentino’s rose silk purse from the Spring/Summer 2009 catalog.  I think this bag is just gorgeous!

Not sure if anything will come of the exploration, but if it does, I’ll let you know.

Images:  Valentino

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