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Magpie’s Cakes

This morning I woke up with a taste for wedding cake.  Yep.  Wedding cake.  On the rare occasion that I get to bring home slices of wedding cake from an event, I like to put it in the refrigerator and eat it first thing in the morning.  I know that may seem somewhat odd, but the early morning for me is usually the most peaceful and my taste buds are at their best.  But this Thursday morning has no cake in sight.

A few weeks back, I ran into a stunning cake shop called Magpie’s Cake (maybe I’ve been thinking about it subconsciously this morning).    The owner, Maggie LaBaugh, attended the L’art de la Patisserie program at the French Pastry School and graduated with honors.  Her cakes are elegant and custom made to order.

Slices start at $10 each with a minimum order of $250.  Fresh flowers are never used because of potential pesticides coming into contact with the cake.  However, she does offer amazing hand-crafted sugar flowers that look not only better, but won’t wilt or turn brown.  Oh, and she even offers embellished sugar cookies!

Maybe my fixation with cakes has something to do with missing my cake decorating class.  Unfortunately, my 2nd level class was canceled last month due to low registration.  I was told that weekday classes usually fill up while the weekend classes (the one I signed up for) can be iffy.  Seems like the opposite would be true.  However, the good news is that they will be offering up the class again in October.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed….

Images:  Magpie’s Cakes


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Meet Artist Talitha Shipman

The day is finally here for you to meet artist Talitha Shipman!  I’m really excited about this because she was not only gracious enough to share her beautiful artwork with us but also do an interview with House of Many Hues.  She is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design with a Master of Fine Arts in illustration.  However, before we get started, let’s take a look at some of her work…

HMH: When did you first realize your artistic abilities?

TS: Well, I’d like to say that I could pinpoint the exact moment when I realized I loved to draw, but my mother is an artist herself, so she had me scribbling with crayons before I can even remember.  It just came naturally to me, and I’ve been “scribbling” ever since.  My parents have always been very supportive of my artistic endeavors, which I am eternally grateful for!

HMH: Tell us a little about your work.  Do you have a routine you follow when creating?  What’s a typical day like?

TS: I do have a routine.  I usually start with research. For example, when I start a Bird’s and Blooms project, I reference my National Geographic North American Birds Field Guide to make sure I’m drawing the birds accurately.  Once I’ve done the research I move on to sketches.  I do two or three sketches for clients, sometimes in color, sometimes in black and white to give them a few options.  After we’ve hashed out which version to go with, I start work on the final.  I work entirely in Photoshop from start to finish.  I have a Wacom tablet with a stylus that allows me to draw very naturally.  Within the Photoshop document I create separate layers for every element so that it’s easy for me to make changes for the client.

HMH: What are some of your greatest inspirations?  Any frustrations?

TS: Sometimes my greatest inspirations cause my greatest frustrations.  When I see amazing art that I just love, I get overwhelmed with how far I have to go as an artist.  I love the work of Charley Harper, Beatrix Potter, Cicely M. Barker, and Andy Warhol (he started out as an illustrator and his early work is amazing).  I’m also very inspired by nature!  There’s nothing like a walk in the woods during springtime to get me wanting to draw all of the wildflowers I see.

HMH: Are you currently working on any projects?  Anything we should be looking out for?

TS: I just finished creating the illustrations for a board game called Bear Hunt.  It’s such a cute little game that one of my friends, Gregg Drake designed.  It’s going to be available sometime around Christmas!

HMH: Where would you like to see yourself and your work 5 years from now?

TS: I would like to continue to grow and learn as an artist and hopefully to work on more children’s books.  I’ve had the chance to illustrate one already and it was a great experience.  In five years I also hope I’ll have more time to pursue more personal work.

HMH: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

TS: That’s a hard question.  There are alot of good ones!  I would say my fondest memories are from family camping trips.  My parents would load my sister and I up in our little camper and we’d drive to Southern Ohio to hike, canoe and, of course, eat lots of smores!

HMH: Talitha, we wish you all the success in the world!

Images:  Talitha Shipman, Lilla Rogers

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