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Martha Stewart Halloween

There’s a little over 2 weeks left until Halloween and if your looking for a unique homemade costume, checkout Martha Stewart’s site for great ideas.  Many of the costumes are actually quite easy to make and look really creative.  I mentioned in one of my posts earlier this week that I wish I knew what my daughters wanted to be for Halloween (my oldest is almost 2 1/2).  I’m happy to say that we now seem to have an answer – at least from the oldest.  At first I wasn’t convinced that she understood the question, but her answer is repeatable – “a dragon”.  And what a fine choice that is!

Images:  Martha Stewart


October 14, 2010   2 Comments

MoMA Store

Cold, wet, rainy.  That’s my description for today’s weather.  It may sound a little crazy, but I kind of liked it.  I’m ready to bring out my Fall gear and put them to use.  I have a few fun umbrella’s and tons of scarfs.  In fact, I may have a slight addition to buying scarfs.  I love the warmth it gives my neck and the ease of accessorizing an outfit with one.  You could be wearing a plain shirt and an even more dull pair of pants – but throw on a fun scarf and suddenly it doesn’t look so blah.  These scarfs and umbrellas from MoMA Store are just my kind of fun!

1.Turquoise Flower Scarf,  2. Blue Dots Scarf,  3. Confetti Scarf,  4. Sky Umbrella,  5. Color Wheel Stick Umbrella.

I’m thinking that it might not be so hard to make #1 and #3.

Image:  MoMA Store


October 13, 2010   1 Comment

Pier 1

In our local newspaper (The Detroit News),  there is a section I enjoy reading called Homestyle.  The format is a bit different than the rest of the newspaper in that it mimics a magazine but made of out newspaper.  While flipping through last Fridays paper, I saw a Halloween ad for “…whimsical chair – or table leg covers…” by Pier 1.  What I love about this decoration is that it’s a bit unexpected and gives furniture a human like feel.  Each leg cover sells for $7.95 in stores and online.

Images:  The Detroit News, Pier 1


October 12, 2010   1 Comment

Lonny Mag Turns One

Happy 1st Birthday Lonny Mag – may there be many more!  You have brought us wonderful articles and gorgeous photos.  I’m always delighted when I receive your email with the latest issue.  Thank you!

Images:  Lonny Mag


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Pottery Barn Kids

I got my Pottery Barn Kids catalog weeks ago and finally was able to flip through the pages last night.  With all that has happened the past few weeks, I just haven’t been in the mood to think about Halloween.  But this catalog brought my spirits up.  So many wonderful children in costume and the decorations – how can one not smile.  I haven’t decided on a costume for my daughters yet but I think I need to get moving on this.  I really look forward to the day that they tell me what they would like to dress up as.

Since September, I’ve been in the mood for homemade butternut squash soup – especially after looking through the this catalog.  I’ve been searching the web for a good recipe, but many recipes contain onions.  While I love onions, I can’t say I’ve ever noticed them in the squash soups I’ve eaten (but I’m not sure).   If you happen to have a yummy squash recipe that you’d like to share, send it my way!  I have 3 large ones waiting to be eaten.

Images:  Pottery Barn Kids, House of Many Hues Collage


October 11, 2010   1 Comment


I’m not sure if kids today still get excited about school or art supplies, but I know that I still get that same giddy feeling I had in 1st grade.  I just love getting  new supplies – especially art related supplies.  These colored pencils by Felissimo would give me that exact feeling for 20 months straight.  You heard me right.  The Japanese based company has a subscription program for colored pencils.  You get 25 different colored pencils for 20 months – for a total of 500 colored pencils!

Images:  Felissimo


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DIY Felted Wool Acorns

Just as promised in a previous post, I have outlined the instructions for the felted wool acorns I made. There are soo many ways to make these and this just happens to be the method I like to use. Ok, are we ready to get started?

To make the felted wool acorns your going to need:

    1. 100% Wool Roving in various colors (I will explain below what this is in case you don’t know)
    2. Acorn Caps
    3. Craft Glue (that dries clear)
    4. Scissors
    5. Old pair of hosiery nylons (knee high nylons work best)
    6. Laundry detergent
    7. Washing Machine or Sink

You may ask, “What is wool roving”? Basically, it is wool that has been combed and prepared for spinning – but it has not yet been spun.  It looks something like this…

I buy my wool roving online. Stores such as Micheal’s and JoAnn Fabrics carry a small amount, but the colors (at least in my area) are limited- not to mention much more expensive than buying online.

To begin, cut (or pull) a handful of wool roving and begin to roll it up into a tight ball roughly the size of acorn you want (don’t worry about being perfect). You may be tempted to use a small amount of roving, but you really want the balls to have some weight to them. If you don’t, the acorn cap will out weigh the felted ball and you will have a difficult time keeping them on their sides.  Keep adding roving until you have a dense ball about 2/3 larger than the acorn should be.  Remember that this is going to shrink.  Repeat this until you have completed the number of acorns you would like to make.

Next, take one of the balls and place in the toe of the nylon.  Make sure the ball is nice and snug in the botton of the nylon.  Then, take the nylon and tie a knot right above the ball.  Place another ball in the same nylon until the ball is snug to the knot you just created.  Once in place, tie another knot above the new ball.  Repeat this process until you have put all of the balls in the nylon.  You will end up with something that looks similar to a string of beads.

Now its time to place the “beads” in the washing machine.  Set your washer on low, the water temperature to hot, and put in the amount of laundry detergent you would use for a small load.  If your washer has a soak option, turn it on.  This is where the felting process begins.  Some people prefer to do this step in the sink, but I found it to be messy and just too hot for my hands.

After the washer is finished, place the beads in the dryer until completely dry.  Take the knots off and the balls out.  You have just felted wool!  Your balls may be a bit out of shape but you can use your finger tips to adjust.  Grab the acorn tops, add a dab of glue, and place a ball.  I left mine to dry for about 1/2 hour before handling.  Once dry, sprinkle the colorful beauties around your house and enjoy!

Have questions?  Shoot me an email and maybe I can help.  If you get a chance, snap a picture of your acorns – I would love to see how they came out!

Images:  House of Many Hues


October 8, 2010   2 Comments

Stylist Irina Graewe

Irina Graewe is a freelance German interior stylist who studied at the London College of Fashion.  Her work is a regularly featured in various magazines such as Living at Home and Architektur & Wohnen.  I really enjoyed looking through her portfolio but had such a hard time figuring out which photo’s to share with you.  As you may have figured out, I am drawn to color and so I decided to showcase her Africa Meets Neon work.

I wish I could get the the color samples for each room – especially the turquoise colors as I’ve been thinking about painting my craft room this color.  But I must admit that my favorite photo is the pink room with the umbrella’s.  The color is soo girly, glam, and whimsical all mixed in one!  Plus did you see the wonderfully tall arch frame opening by the window?  If your thinking as I am, I wish to have a window like that in my house – of course, with the pink walls.

Images: Irina Graewe

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