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Anthology – A New Design Magazine!

Anthology is a new quarterly lifestyle and design magazine by Editor in Chief, Anh-Minh Le, and Creative Director, Meg Mateo Ilasco.  Oh, and get this – it’s in print!  With so many design magazines ceasing publication (as mention previously here), it is refreshing to see new home decor material in paper format.  Here is the cover of the Fall 2010 issue…

Yearly subscriptions are $38US or $42CAD.  Single issues are also available.

Images:  Anthology Magazine


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Soft and Simple

Over the weekend, I had a rare opportunity to work one of my projects while watching the movie Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst.  The costume and set design was over the top stylish and beautifully done (lots and lots of detail!).   I especially loved all of the couture shoes displayed throughout the movie.  While the layout of the story was soft and vague, it still was a much needed break from my currently higher than normal chaotic life.

For the last few weeks, lots of thought and work has been focused on organization and an attempt to simplify.  Many folders, notepads, paperclips, rubber bands, papers, and pens have passed through my hands.  Each tool working to put order to lots of information.  Having colorful and decorative tools does help make the job go a bit easier.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Just In – The Bompany Company is Back!

Well, sort of.  Many of you may remember that back in January 2008 the retail chain, The Bombay Company, closed all of its US doors.  It was known for its wonderful selection of home accessories and furniture.  I’ve been watching their US website for almost 2 years now because it gave promise that a re-organization of the company was in the works.  They now have released information that their products will be offered through QVC and can be found here.  The selection is not very large, but I hope that it continues to grow.

There is also a promise of Bombay Kids coming soon!

Images:  The Bombay Company, Bombay Kids


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Meet Artist Micki Wilde

Recently, I came across really wonderful artwork by Micki Wilde and just had to contact her for an interview with House of Many Hues.  I was delighted to hear back that she had agreed and that I could share her words and work with you!

Micki is from the UK and has a wonderful blog over at The Secret Hermit where she showcases her whimsical mixed media artwork.  The best part is that her paintings are available for sale at her Etsy shop.

HMH: What is the meaning behind your blog and shop name, “The Secret Hermit”?

MW: The meaning behind my business name is that most people I have met would say I am a very outgoing and even quite loud personality but what most people don’t know on meeting me is that I really am more at ease when surrounded by my own home, my comfort zone and I just am secretly a very hermit like person.  In fact, I could stay in the house for days on end without even wanting to go outside, so the business name really is describing what in all honesty I am really like :)

HMH: When did you start working with mixed media?  What are the top materials you love to work with?

MW: I first started working in mixed media around 3 years ago; in fact that is when I first picked up a paintbrush at all. Before then I had always been a doodler but never painted.

I was encouraged by my husband and also by a good friend to take up painting and I absolutely love it and can’t imagine a life without it now.

I have been mainly self taught over the past 3 years with the exception of a few online classes, it has been a case of trial and error working with lots of different mediums but now these are my favourite few that I wouldn’t be without:

Golden’s fiber paste

Tim Holtz distress crackle paint

Prismacolor pencils

Faber Castell black pitt pens

Vintage book pages and ledger papers

HMH: Tell us a little about your work.  Do you have a routine you follow when creating?  What’s a typical day like?

MW: I don’t have a routine as such but I do start the day off by walking my daughter to school, then taking the dog for a walk, then home for a cup of coffee before starting in my art room.

Whilst I am drinking my coffee I answer any emails and read through some of the blogs I am following, I answer any comments etc left on my blog, Flickr and Etsy then I get stuck in with some messy art stuff :)

As far as the creative side goes, I like to prep my canvases and canvas boards over the weekend with scrapbook papers, texture mediums and a few layers of random paint colours before even thinking about what might go on them.

Generally I will do a big group of 10-20 in different sizes and shapes of canvases/boards in one go, then they are ready for me to start painting on during the week.

HMH: When looking at the characters you create, their expression seems to suggest they carry a message or a piece of wisdom.  Is there any validity to this statement or am I looking too deep?

MW: Sometimes the characters I create do carry an obvious message which I have been known to write, use book text or stamp straight on to the piece of art, other times the message is left to interpretation from the onlooker and sometimes there really is no message and it is just a fun piece of art to look at.

HMH: Where would you like to see yourself and your work 5 years from now?

MW: Hmmm….In 5 years I will have just turned 40…..I hope to at least continue to be self sufficient and able to carry on doing what I love the most.

I would like to be earning a comfortable wage from it but I know I still have a lot to learn and have to look more into running the business side of things first before I get ahead of myself.

I have been very lucky so far I think and for saying I had never painted until 3 years ago have achieved quite a lot and am very grateful for that, I hope my luck continues and my business continues to bloom :)

HMH: What’s your favorite local restaurant and why?

MW: I live in a small village/town in the UK and there are not many restaurants locally (unless you go to the local chippy, which is actually very good)

My favourite type of restaurant though is anywhere that sells good Mexican food and even better cocktails to go with it.  I love a good Mexican meal!!

HMH: Thank you Micki for the interview.  We wish you continued success!

Images:  Micki Wilde, The Secret Hermit

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