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Project 365

For over 2 years, I have taken a special monthly picture of each baby – documenting their first 12 months.  Its different from all of the other pictures taken in that the picture only shows that child along with a sheet of paper consisting of their name and age.  This paper is then placed next to the baby and a picture is snapped.  At the end, I arrange the pictures in a little album so that everyone can see how baby grew over the year.  I read about this idea a few years ago and just loved it.  However, this project will be coming to a conclusion at the end of the year and so I’ve been thinking about new year long projects.  Here are a few that have crossed my mind…

1.  Melamine Plates – When I was in 2nd grade, we had a Christmas project in school where we made a drawing that ended up on a melamine plate.   This plate has be used over and over again and still looks excellent.  My oldest daughter loves to draw and does so nearly everyday.  The idea is to every now and then give her the special drawing paper that’s required to transfer a drawing to a plate.  Over the course of the year, I would select the best and have a few plates (that would be used) made with her drawings.  This project is a sure thing!  In fact, I’ve already ordered supplies.

2.  Snap a Day – Just as the name suggests, its simply taking a picture everyday.  I’m thinking that the “theme” would be pictures of us doing ordinary things.  Maybe it’s a picture of us just watching tv, eating dinner, or grocery shopping.  Some of my favorite childhood photos are of us just doing everyday things.  This project is a pretty big commitment but at the same time seems so simple.

3.  Room by Room – This would be a weekly project where I would select a room in the house and make one decor change.  It could be anything from moving an accessory, adding a rug, or even removing an item.   It would make me regularly evaluate every room in my house and keep in touch with what I have and how well it all works together.

I’m sure more ideas will come I just have to remember to limit myself to just a few.  Have any year long projects you’d like to share?

Images:  Modern Lola

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