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Soft and Simple

Over the weekend, I had a rare opportunity to work one of my projects while watching the movie Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst.  The costume and set design was over the top stylish and beautifully done (lots and lots of detail!).   I especially loved all of the couture shoes displayed throughout the movie.  While the layout of the story was soft and vague, it still was a much needed break from my currently higher than normal chaotic life.

For the last few weeks, lots of thought and work has been focused on organization and an attempt to simplify.  Many folders, notepads, paperclips, rubber bands, papers, and pens have passed through my hands.  Each tool working to put order to lots of information.  Having colorful and decorative tools does help make the job go a bit easier.

Images:  House of Many Hues

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