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Elle Decor Rustic Chic

Good morning friends!  Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was safe and wonderful.  Mine was a mixed bag of emotions.  It was interesting to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the first time.  I made the turkey, the dessert, and all of the sides but one.  There was no rushing to get anywhere or worry that we would be late.  But with that came the realization of why it was different this year.

The most enjoyable part of my day (aside from being with my family) was the baking of the turkey.  While the turkey baked, we sat in front of the tv with magazines, newspapers, and books.  I am now almost caught up with all my readings (I’m sure that won’t last as I just ordered more books!).

I also did alot of thinking about rustic chic decor and my bedroom.  I have been contemplating making my own little office in the bedroom and updating the bedspread to a more wintery feel.  And rustic chic decor just feels right!  I imagine a smoky gray bedspread and a white desk with a mid-century chair.  So luck would have it, as I shopped over the weekend, I found the soft smoky gray blanket I was thinking about.  Amazing what a change of a bedspread can do for a room – it feels so very different and wonderful!  Next, I will work on the table and chair to determine if that’s where I really want to go.  Here are the inspiration photos from Elle Decor

Images:  Elle Decor


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Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the health of my children, our family and friends, the roof over our head, the food we have to eat, my warm slippers, running hot water, the furnace, and so much more.  I am also so very thankful for your continuous support.  Wishing everyone a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving!

Martha Stewart Turkey Platter

Images:  Macys


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Making Limoncello

Today I am going to try my hand at making Limoncello – a tasty Italian lemon liqueur generally served chilled.  I’ve read up on it and many people that have never made liqueur before end up not only developing an obsession for it, but making additional batches for friends and family.  I’ll start by making a small test batch for taste as it takes over 80 days to make – yes, you read that right.  If all works well, a larger batch will be following immediately behind it.

Better get started on peeling all of my lemons…

Have you made Limoncello before?  Any helpful hints?

Images:  Wikipedia, House of Many Hues


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8 Great Holiday Finds

Finding holiday gifts that suit your loved ones can really be difficult – especially if they have everything!  I think that many of us fall under this category  because for the last decade or so the internet has made it easy to buy what we need/want without much waiting.  However, I must admit that I still love receiving gifts even though I don’t need anything.  It’s the excitement of the packaging, the unknown, and most importantly that someone went out of their way just for you.  So if your having trouble finding something, here are some holiday finds that may give you ideas…

1.  Mum Slippers,  Uncommon Goods  2. Sparkling Bow Tote bag,  Forever 21   3.  Spooled Candle, Anthropologie  4.  Winter Tree Boxes, West Elm.

5.  Coral Cluster Necklace, Charm & Chain  6.  Suede Ankle Bootie, Madewell  7.  All Natural Pear Candy Cane, Hammond  8.  Snowflake Cookie Box Kit, The Container Store.

Doesn’t the coral necklace above just look so vintage chic?  It’s made of glass faceted beads and has a perfect coral color that makes me happy.   (Update:  It must make alot of people happy because it appears that it’s now sold out.  However, they do have this necklace available in turquoise).  In fact, I can see pairing up the necklace and the gray suede booties in the same outfit – coral and gray go so well together.

Let it be known that I am not a fan of peppermint candy canes.  I think the reason is that one year when I was a kid we used them as ornaments for our Christmas tree.  When it was time to take the Christmas tree and its ornaments down, the candy canes were also packaged away.  The same candy canes were used for about 2 years.  By the second year, the candy canes had begun to liquefy and so an awful sticky peppermint mess got on our Christmas decorations.  I remember getting just sick from the potent smell.  From that point on I just didn’t like peppermint candy canes (if I ever did).  BUT, I do like other flavors and Hammond’s has candy canes in other flavors that are all natural and handmade since 1922.

Finally, if your making treats to give for the holidays check out The Container Store for holiday boxes.  These look like gifts themselves.

Images:  (See Source Above)


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Martha Stewart Kitchens

I have her magazine subscription (Living and Everyday Food), purchased her paint, cookbooks, cookware, and a set of dishes.  Can you tell that I’m a fan?  Martha Stewart has now launched her own line of kitchen cabinets at Home Depot.  Her collection includes eleven different door styles, hardware options, and various Corian countertops.

The collection is considered special order.  If interested, you can see her entire collection at Home Depot.

Images:  Martha Stewart


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One of a Kind Christmas Show

If you are going to be near the Toronto, Vancouver, or Chicago areas you may want to check out One of a Kind show.  Each show brings hundreds of creative artists together to showcase their handmade products for sale.  I so wish that I could attend one of these shows!  If you happen to attend and would love to share your pics, please let me know.  Tickets are generally less than $15 per person and some locations even offer daycare.  Show dates are as follows (check website for details and any changes):

Toronto:  Nov 25 – Dec 5

Vancouver:  Dec 9 – 12

Chicago:  Dec 2 – 5

Sample of Artists work…

1.  Dinh Ba Design Dress and Jacket,  2.  Kailey Hawthorn Studio K. Pillows,  3.  Darlene Bolahood Wild Haliburton Elephant Weavers Brushed Mohair Throw,  4.  Natalie Gerber “Molly” Evening Clutch,  5.  Amy Johnson Glass Rings,  6.  Katka Hubacek Katkaland Collectables Plush dolls,  7.  Gilbert Van den Heuvel The reCYCLEr Furniture Bicycle Chair.

Images:  One of a Kind


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Week Updates + Maron Bouillie

On Wednesday, we woke up to no power.  We were hopeful that it would be restored quickly – until we discovered  that the power line was sitting on the ground across our entire property (including our driveway).  Apparently, a few houses down the street a large tree fell during a wind storm.  As it fell, it hit the power lines causing a pole to snap in half.  The electric company ensured us that they would send a crew immediately to move the downed wired off of our property.  But after hours of no one showing up, my husband decided to find a way for us to leave via our neighbors yard.   So what happens when you have no power and the electric company can’t provide an estimate for restoration?  You pack up and go to a hotel.

The hotel was situated right next to a rather busy mall that attracts people from all over.  We were extremely lucky to get the last available room as it was filled with locals that had no power and eager Christmas shoppers.  Once checked in, we each took a shower and then rested for a couple of hours.  Once our energy levels were up, we went shopping,  stopped at a restaurant for dinner, and ended the night in the hotel hot tub.  It felt like a much needed mini-vacation.

What surprised me is how many bags of “stuff” we took for just one night.  I have always considered myself a lean traveler when it came to packing – I just don’t like to carry heavy luggage.  But my husband reminded me that there are now 4 of us and that I couldn’t compare the quantity of luggage to when it was just the two of us.  Well, its a good thing that I have lots of totes and bags – in fact, I somewhat collect them.  So when I heard about Maron Bouillie’s bags, I had to check them out.

I definitely don’t have any bags like this!   I can’t decide which one I like best.

Well friends, the weekend is nearing and I have preparations to make for Thanksgiving day.  This will be the first year ever that it will not be at my parents house and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about that.  I do know that I just want the family to be together that day and enjoy a casual and relaxed Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back next week!  BTW – Any good tips on baking a turkey?

Images:  Maron Bouillie


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Inside Out – Annual Decorating Guide

Just got the special annual decorating guide from Inside Out – an Australian published magazine.  If you happen to be a follower of Inside Out, you may be wondering why I’m just now receiving this issue which was published in May.  I generally don’t get my hands on these issues when released because (unfortunately) I don’t have a subscription.  The last time I checked, a subscription in the US was over $140 for 8 issues (yikes!).   However, if I patiently wait a few months, I can usually find them at a discounted price.

This year’s guide focus is on “Renew, Rethink, and Revitalize”.  Renovation also is covered with valuable comments by the Editorial director, Karen McCartney.   She mentions that a friend of hers, who is typically calm and organized, almost had a nervous breakdown over a major home renovation.  Then further adds, “…an architect I interviewed recently said, rather sadly, that there was a high break-up rate among his residential clients …“.  How awful!

This issue offers tons of decorating ideas and wonderful tidbits on renovation and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

I do hope that I get the Christmas Inside Out  issue before the end of January.  Anything after that just becomes a tad out of place.

Images:  House of Many Hues

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