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Week Updates + Maron Bouillie

On Wednesday, we woke up to no power.  We were hopeful that it would be restored quickly – until we discovered  that the power line was sitting on the ground across our entire property (including our driveway).  Apparently, a few houses down the street a large tree fell during a wind storm.  As it fell, it hit the power lines causing a pole to snap in half.  The electric company ensured us that they would send a crew immediately to move the downed wired off of our property.  But after hours of no one showing up, my husband decided to find a way for us to leave via our neighbors yard.   So what happens when you have no power and the electric company can’t provide an estimate for restoration?  You pack up and go to a hotel.

The hotel was situated right next to a rather busy mall that attracts people from all over.  We were extremely lucky to get the last available room as it was filled with locals that had no power and eager Christmas shoppers.  Once checked in, we each took a shower and then rested for a couple of hours.  Once our energy levels were up, we went shopping,  stopped at a restaurant for dinner, and ended the night in the hotel hot tub.  It felt like a much needed mini-vacation.

What surprised me is how many bags of “stuff” we took for just one night.  I have always considered myself a lean traveler when it came to packing – I just don’t like to carry heavy luggage.  But my husband reminded me that there are now 4 of us and that I couldn’t compare the quantity of luggage to when it was just the two of us.  Well, its a good thing that I have lots of totes and bags – in fact, I somewhat collect them.  So when I heard about Maron Bouillie’s bags, I had to check them out.

I definitely don’t have any bags like this!   I can’t decide which one I like best.

Well friends, the weekend is nearing and I have preparations to make for Thanksgiving day.  This will be the first year ever that it will not be at my parents house and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about that.  I do know that I just want the family to be together that day and enjoy a casual and relaxed Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back next week!  BTW – Any good tips on baking a turkey?

Images:  Maron Bouillie

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