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I Want to Grow Up Here Part II

Good Monday morning to everyone!  Did you accomplish all that you wanted to this weekend?  My answer is usually no – but I did spend a great deal of time with my kids which is always wonderful.  On Saturday, I took my oldest to the library as it was time to return our books and check out some new ones.  Our library has a childrens section with toys and puzzles.  As soon as we got there, she saw the children and ran to them.  I sat nearby looking through books trying to determine which to sign out.  A few minutes later a mom came up to me and asked, “is the little girl yours?”.  I immediately started apologizing for any annoyance my daughter may have caused.  She shook her head and said that she wanted to let me know that the two boys my daughter was playing with were hers.  She continued to explain that her youngest son had Autism and that she worked 40 hours a week with him.  I sat and listened, puzzled where she was going with all this.  Her son who generally shied away from kids was playing with my daughter.  “Your daughter has opened up my son – it’s wonderful to see progress!”, she said with glossy eyes.  “I just wanted to let you know”.  I could have cried for so many reasons – for the step forward her son made, for the evident hard work this woman invested each week, and for her happiness.  It was a great Saturday!

We left off last week with kids bedrooms and I want to continue that today.  Would you like to join me?  While I’m not currently working on either of my kids rooms, I like to keep ideas and inspirations flowing.  I can remember thumbing through youth designs for the fun and color even before having children.  Ok, are you ready?  Here we go…

I love colorful stripy rugs!  As the article in Skona Hem suggests, this room can be for kids anywhere from 5 to 15.

A dreamy dress-up room for girls.  Checkout the light fixture and pink chair…so glam!

I like that the toys in this photo are on shelves.  While there is a definite need for toy boxes, I do enjoy displaying toys (I have them in my living room).

The table and chairs look just like the Kritter style available at Ikea – only painted turquoise.

Images:  Skona Hem, Hus and Hem (last image)

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1 Micki Wilde { 01.19.11 at 6:32 am }

My daughter is getting a room makeover for her birthday in February, I love the first picture with the bunting, I think that is similar to what she has in mind for hers, so cute and funky at the same time!!

2 lone bager { 03.06.11 at 4:23 pm }

hi – I also love the first photo. Any chance you know where I can buy the multi striped rug?


3 Kristina { 03.06.11 at 5:04 pm }

Hi Lone,

I believe that rug is from Ikea.

Good Luck!

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