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Starting Fresh

We made it through the holidays and into 2011!  I’ve started the year by freshening up things at home (and here on the blog – you may have noticed the new logo).  I’ve been trying to take a step back and evaluate things around me – especially the rooms in my house to figure out what’s been working and what simply is not.  For items that fell into the “not working” column, I asked myself a few questions – 1.  Do I love this piece?  If not, why am I holding on to it? You wouldn’t believe some of the crazy answers I had.   Some items have been held on  to (and still are) because a new replacement hasn’t been purchased/found.  2.  If I love it, could I find a place in my home that would better suit it? These questions have resulted in getting rid of one furniture item, rearranging a few others,  and a freshened up living room, nursery, library, and bedroom.  In the living room, I put a slipcover (that I’ve had for a few years) over one of my couches and wow – it makes the whole room feel so different!  I’m not sure why I never thought using this slipcover before but that’s why I try to periodically make these evaluations.  Nevertheless, the slipcover and my “new” coffee table make for a wonderful (and much needed) change.

Most of the items that fell in the “not working” column weren’t surprises to me.  I’d like to say that they were but then I would be lying.  With so much always going on, I noticed that I mentally put these ideas aside to deal with later and then just forgot.  I reminded myself of the importance in keeping a list of these changes that I’m in need of and carrying it with me.  You never know when you will come across something that may work for a list item or when a fabulous idea may hit you.  This shouldn’t be a big deal since I already keep a notebook with me at all times for jotting down ideas, thoughts, and to do lists.  So then why wasn’t this already in my notebook?!

Stay tuned…more dusting coming soon!

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