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House Guests + Pillows

I’m really looking forward to having my family visit with us next week.  My Uncle is due to fly in from Europe on Monday and my cousin (his daughter), along with her husband and son, will arrive later in the week.  All will be staying in our home which makes it ever so nice because we get to spend lots of time together.   My biggest joy, aside from catching up with everyone, will be having my daughters meet and play with their 2nd cousin.

Yesterday mornings sunshine has me thinking about Spring, birds, vegetable gardens, and my bed – namely the sheets and pillows.  While I’m not ready yet to give up my soft flannel sheets with its rows of little snowmen and pine trees, I am willing to Spring-ify my toss pillows on the bed and these from Sukan have just the right tone…

Of course this one is my favorite due to the array of colors.  But you probably already knew that.

How dramatic this pillow is with its black on black stem holding its bubbles of color.

Carpet Update:  As you may have read in a previous post, our carpet install in the basement was less than desirable.  It resulted in lumps, bumps, and waves near the seam and around our fireplace.  To make matters worse, the last few feet were pieced together because not enough carpet was order.   I spoke to the sales associate earlier this week and he wanted to send out an install crew to try and re-stretch the carpet.  How what about the portion that was pieced in?  He kept stating that he would “work with me” on that.  I’m not sure what exactly that means but I’m guessing that it will lead to a sizable price adjustment (if not, then I will insist that it be re-installed with the proper length carpet).  Yesterday the install crew came out and all I have to say is WOW!  Looks sooo much better.  Now just waiting on the “work with me” part…

Images:  Sukan (Etsy)

P.S.  Today would have marked my Dad’s 66th birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  You have no idea how much I miss you…


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Attractive Loft + Architecture

What do you get when you mix century+ old wood beams, celadon green bathroom tile, and a chic crystal chandelier?  A gorgeous loft in Melbourne, Australia.  The loft is situated in a historic 1880’s warehouse and is up for sale.  Ok, I must admit that I was a bit surprised that it was in Australia as I generally don’t think of lofts + Australia together.  I came across these beautiful photos over at Desire to Inspire and what immediately captured my attention were the old wood ceilings and archway to the sitting area.

Like me, you may have noticed that this loft has a mix of styles when going from one area to the next.  There are two very tiny changes I would make that I think would help blend the styles together:  1.  While I love Moroccan style, the hanging lanterns just don’t fit with the rest of the loft.  I would replace this with either a chic lighting fixture (to follow the dining area style) or something modern.   2.  Soften up the bathroom.  I think the bathroom has great design, however, it feels stark and cold.  This is an easy fix and can be done by adding some fabric to the space – maybe place some towels on the rack and/or add a rug.

Images:  Desire to Inspire


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Patone 2011 Fall Color Report

Ahhhhhhh.  That’s the sound of me being relieved that a new week is here!  Oh what an emotional roller coaster it was last week.  Last Monday, the flooring company called to let me know that our basement carpet had arrived and it was time to schedule the install.  Wednesday was the chosen and highly anticipated day.  They came and after 10+ hours had finally installed everything.  However, about 1 hour before it was finished, my husband called me to let me know that I most likely was not going to be happy.  WHAT?  How could I not be happy?  Apparently, not enough carpet had been ordered and they – get this – had to cut and piece in carpet remnants.  In addition, it was not stretched very well and so there were many rather lumps in the carpet.  My heart sank into my stomach.  I immediately called the store and explained what my husband had described.  I further added that they would not be paid until I could see the results.  One look told me that my husband was right.  It wasn’t acceptable.

Early Friday morning, the flooring company sent two people to inspect the results and they agreed – bad install.  We will find out this week what they decide to do to correct this.  I’m sure the $3,000 that we owe them will help speed things along.

I don’t often write about fashion but its close ties to home decor cannot be ignored and so I feel compelled to talk about it today.  Last week the Fall 2011 New York Fashion week ended and just like my week, it too had its ups and downs (you will get my bad joke in a moment!).  I have always wondered how high stiletto heels can get (personally my max is 4″) until balance becomes an issue.  I think that Christian Siriano has determined the limit of the high heel as several of the shows models tripped and one even came tumbling down due to their aggressively high platform heels.  Aside from this mishap, the show ended with lots of beautiful fashion and inspiration.  This brings me to the Patone color report.  Patone is the world leader on color tends and inspirations.  They have released their color forecast for Fall 2011 – take a look at the colors below…

I am loving all of the colors except maybe the purple (Phlox) in the color bar above.  For some reason I have never been a fan of this shade of purple but I’ll try and keep an open mind.

Images:  Patone


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Anthropologie + Leifsdottir

Leifsdottir, the sister brand of Anthropologie , recently launched a shoe collection.  I tend to be a boot girl but these shoes really have me thinking about expanding my (rather small) shoe collection…

Images:  Leifsdottir


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Happy St. Valentine’s + 79 Ideas

On Friday night my husband and I had our “Valentine’s” dinner.  It was carryout from a local restaurant and we were able to eat and have a quite conversation while our girls napped.  It was most wonderful!  Early on in our relationship we decided that we would not buy anything for each other on Valentine’s or  Sweetest Day.   Instead, we show our admiration for each other over the course of the year by doing something at random when the moment moves us.  My husband is much better at this than I am (probably because I am much easier to buy for!).  I can remember years ago talking to him on the phone about what an awful day I was having.  Everything just seemed to be going the wrong way and I was really down.  That night after work, he showed up with flowers and some chocolate.  Other times, he may come across something he thinks I would enjoy and surprises me with it.

If you looking for some visual stimulation this Valentine’s Day, check out 79 Ideas e-mag.  The site (which includes her blog) is ran by Graphic Designer, Radostina, who happens to live in the Czech Republic but is originally from Bulgaria.  Just beautiful work.

Images:  79 Ideas


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The Working Proof + Happy Weekend

The deal has been sealed and carpeting for the basement is on its way!  This is good and bad.  Good because we will be making nearly 1200 square feet of our house much more functional for our family  Bad in that we now must make room for the installers to lay down the carpet.  Where are we going to put all of our belongings during the install?  This will need to be figured out over the weekend.  Oh, and I’m not sure if anyone has thought of this, but there is no way that the carpet can be brought down the basement stairs because there is a 90 degree turn 3 steps before you get to the bottom.  When we were moving into our house, any large items that we wanted to put in the basement had to be brought in through the walkout doors.  Usually not a problem, but there is over a foot of snow outside! I hope they have good snow boots.

I have been working on the layout for the basement for months now and finally am getting to the point where I’m thinking about the wall art.  As I was flipping through a magazine (can’t remember which one), I came across The Working Proof – a site that sells limited edition art and donates 15% of the sale to a charity the Artists selects.  How cool is that?  The pricing is pretty reasonable and you just don’t know what you might find.  Check these out…

The weekend is upon us yet again (thankfully!).  Despite the work ahead of my husband and me this weekend, I do hope to find some time to get in some more reading and maybe even a little nap.  Hope you have a crazy wonderful weekend!  See you next week.


Images:  The Working Proof


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Design + Mixr

What a busy weekend it was and it looks as if things are not going to slow down this week!  Over the weekend I must have made over 20 different stops from returning books to the library to having my back adjusted at Chiropractor.  I even stopped at a new flooring shop to check out what they had to offer.  I walked out with 3 boards of samples to take home and evaluate (2 from Shaw and 1 from Mohawk).  All of the samples were commercial carpets in various colors and patterns.  I gravitated to one sample that is neutral in color with lots of cream and grays.  But what’s interesting about this looped carpet is that it’s quite dimensional meaning that the overall look should have lots of texture – not what I would expect out of a commercial carpet.  Of course it was the most expensive one out of the samples I was previewing.  I asked if anything could be done to lower the price and it appears that it will be considered (hey, why not ask.  I have a budget to follow).  He is coming to my house tomorrow for a measurement and to discuss pricing.

This morning, I came came across Designers Guild Tricia Guild’s home.  It just reminds me that I really want to keep the furniture and accessories bright and colorful in my basement…

What awesome chairs above!  Love the orange and green citrus mix.

Images:  Mixr


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Visit to the Michigan Design Center – Series End

I generally try not to post on the weekend, but I didn’t get to do yesterday’s write-up.  I got side tracked with eating crispy shrimp and spending time with the family.  My older daughter is ever so curious and interested in learning.  So I try to take advantage of those moments and we spent a few hours working on puzzles and flash cards.  Then by 11pm I got so sleepy that I could barely keep my eyes open (I think I’m gradually entering hibernation!).

I wanted to end this weeks series on the Michigan Design Center with some final photos…

Wallpaper above by Jane Churchill.  You can find the Flower Fairies collection on her site in fabrics as well (just use the keyword: Flower Fairies).  This collection is also available in multiple colors.

Well friends, this concludes our week long series on the Michigan Design Center.  I truly hope that you found it beneficial and inspirational.  If you happen to live in the Southeast Michigan area, I encourage you to visit and use them as your resource.

This weekend I will be visiting more flooring shops in search of basement carpeting that is within my budget.  I have found plenty of patters I love that are priced in the neighborhood of $60 per square yard – yes, you read that right!  This isn’t quite what I wanted to spend so back on my quest I go.  I feel at ease and hopeful that I will find what I’m looking for especially since I am in no rush.

I also plan on rearranging some of the furniture in our bedroom.  About a week ago we finally bought a much needed dresser from Pottery Barn (you can see it here).  I plan on putting our bedroom tube tv temporarily on top of it until we get a new LCD one (that will look so much better).  I spend a fair amount of time in bed reading and watching tv with the kids that I insisted we get a new one (it wasn’t a hard sell to my techie husband).

Have a great weekend and see you here next week!

Images:  House of Many Hues

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