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House Guests + Pillows

I’m really looking forward to having my family visit with us next week.  My Uncle is due to fly in from Europe on Monday and my cousin (his daughter), along with her husband and son, will arrive later in the week.  All will be staying in our home which makes it ever so nice because we get to spend lots of time together.   My biggest joy, aside from catching up with everyone, will be having my daughters meet and play with their 2nd cousin.

Yesterday mornings sunshine has me thinking about Spring, birds, vegetable gardens, and my bed – namely the sheets and pillows.  While I’m not ready yet to give up my soft flannel sheets with its rows of little snowmen and pine trees, I am willing to Spring-ify my toss pillows on the bed and these from Sukan have just the right tone…

Of course this one is my favorite due to the array of colors.  But you probably already knew that.

How dramatic this pillow is with its black on black stem holding its bubbles of color.

Carpet Update:  As you may have read in a previous post, our carpet install in the basement was less than desirable.  It resulted in lumps, bumps, and waves near the seam and around our fireplace.  To make matters worse, the last few feet were pieced together because not enough carpet was order.   I spoke to the sales associate earlier this week and he wanted to send out an install crew to try and re-stretch the carpet.  How what about the portion that was pieced in?  He kept stating that he would “work with me” on that.  I’m not sure what exactly that means but I’m guessing that it will lead to a sizable price adjustment (if not, then I will insist that it be re-installed with the proper length carpet).  Yesterday the install crew came out and all I have to say is WOW!  Looks sooo much better.  Now just waiting on the “work with me” part…

Images:  Sukan (Etsy)

P.S.  Today would have marked my Dad’s 66th birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  You have no idea how much I miss you…

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