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Patone 2011 Fall Color Report

Ahhhhhhh.  That’s the sound of me being relieved that a new week is here!  Oh what an emotional roller coaster it was last week.  Last Monday, the flooring company called to let me know that our basement carpet had arrived and it was time to schedule the install.  Wednesday was the chosen and highly anticipated day.  They came and after 10+ hours had finally installed everything.  However, about 1 hour before it was finished, my husband called me to let me know that I most likely was not going to be happy.  WHAT?  How could I not be happy?  Apparently, not enough carpet had been ordered and they – get this – had to cut and piece in carpet remnants.  In addition, it was not stretched very well and so there were many rather lumps in the carpet.  My heart sank into my stomach.  I immediately called the store and explained what my husband had described.  I further added that they would not be paid until I could see the results.  One look told me that my husband was right.  It wasn’t acceptable.

Early Friday morning, the flooring company sent two people to inspect the results and they agreed – bad install.  We will find out this week what they decide to do to correct this.  I’m sure the $3,000 that we owe them will help speed things along.

I don’t often write about fashion but its close ties to home decor cannot be ignored and so I feel compelled to talk about it today.  Last week the Fall 2011 New York Fashion week ended and just like my week, it too had its ups and downs (you will get my bad joke in a moment!).  I have always wondered how high stiletto heels can get (personally my max is 4″) until balance becomes an issue.  I think that Christian Siriano has determined the limit of the high heel as several of the shows models tripped and one even came tumbling down due to their aggressively high platform heels.  Aside from this mishap, the show ended with lots of beautiful fashion and inspiration.  This brings me to the Patone color report.  Patone is the world leader on color tends and inspirations.  They have released their color forecast for Fall 2011 – take a look at the colors below…

I am loving all of the colors except maybe the purple (Phlox) in the color bar above.  For some reason I have never been a fan of this shade of purple but I’ll try and keep an open mind.

Images:  Patone

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[...] Update:  As you may have read in a previous post, our carpet install in the basement was less than desirable.  It resulted in lumps, bumps, and [...]

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