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The Working Proof + Happy Weekend

The deal has been sealed and carpeting for the basement is on its way!  This is good and bad.  Good because we will be making nearly 1200 square feet of our house much more functional for our family  Bad in that we now must make room for the installers to lay down the carpet.  Where are we going to put all of our belongings during the install?  This will need to be figured out over the weekend.  Oh, and I’m not sure if anyone has thought of this, but there is no way that the carpet can be brought down the basement stairs because there is a 90 degree turn 3 steps before you get to the bottom.  When we were moving into our house, any large items that we wanted to put in the basement had to be brought in through the walkout doors.  Usually not a problem, but there is over a foot of snow outside! I hope they have good snow boots.

I have been working on the layout for the basement for months now and finally am getting to the point where I’m thinking about the wall art.  As I was flipping through a magazine (can’t remember which one), I came across The Working Proof – a site that sells limited edition art and donates 15% of the sale to a charity the Artists selects.  How cool is that?  The pricing is pretty reasonable and you just don’t know what you might find.  Check these out…

The weekend is upon us yet again (thankfully!).  Despite the work ahead of my husband and me this weekend, I do hope to find some time to get in some more reading and maybe even a little nap.  Hope you have a crazy wonderful weekend!  See you next week.


Images:  The Working Proof

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1 Gina { 02.13.11 at 6:36 pm }

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it!!!!! Lots of yummy insipration!

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