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Posts from — March 2011

Family + Headboards

Good Morning blogland friends!  How was your weekend?  Hope all is well and bright where you live.  Yesterday was the first lazy Sunday I’ve had in a long time.  There were puzzles to be made and games to be played.  This past Monday my Uncle arrived from Europe and on Friday, his daughter (my cousin), her husband, and son also came to visit with us.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone and so sad to see my cousin and her family leave last night (wish they could have stayed a bit longer…).  My Uncle will also leaving to go back home in a few more days.

The total number of people in my home this weekend (including ourselves) was 8.  It was the first time that all of the bedrooms were occupied – including the library which had an air mattress.  It was very reminiscent on my life growing up with people always coming and going.  Anyway, while we were figuring out the sleeping arrangements, the lack of a headboard in our bedroom came across my mind (don’t ask me to explain how my mind works – I don’t know).  This has been on my list (item #3 here) for many moons.  I have been wanting a farmhouse bed frame but since we got our dresser, I’m not so sure anymore.  I’ve never been a fan of too many large dark wood pieces in a room as it can make it feel heavy.  So I’m thinking about making my own fabric headboard.  While this project would have to wait until the Spring (I’ve got too many other project going on now), I’m kind of excited about it.  Plus, it’s going to take me some time to find the right fabric.  So far, here are two that I like…

I’m thinking that this idea will cost less than the $1500 I was looking to spend on the farmhouse frame.   Let’s see where this takes me…

Images:  thelennox.com, House Beautiful


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Work Continues on Basement Design

I think my great weekend is rolling into a great start to the week (and hope this trend continues)!  Over the last few days, my husband and I have been working to restore and reorganize our basement.  While we still have so much more to do, there is definite progress being made.  The kids play area has been assembled but still needs a shelving unit for the books and toys.  I’ve decided on one from Ikea and by complete coincidence happen to come across it over at meandwee.  Here is what I’m looking to get…

Our basement is partially finished with drywall on two walls and concrete on the others.  I want to paint the concrete walls a shade of West Elm gray.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Take a look…

Hey…that table looks familiar… Well it should – it’s the same one in my bedroom!  I love the wall color in this photo and look forward to using something similar in our basement.  However, I don’t plan on painting anytime too soon as I have so many things to get done first.  Here’s a list I started…

1.  Get Kids toy/bookshelf from Ikea.
2.  Replace mattress in pull-out sofa.  This sofa was given to my husband by his grandmother many years ago.  It is a mid-century (1960’s) tweed sofa with thin cone legs that is in excellent condition (minus the mattress).  It’s so heavy that we need roll around floor carts to move it.  They just don’t build them like this anymore…
3.  Look into a slipcover for pull-out sofa.  While the fabric on this sofa is indestructible and in awesome shape, I would love to see more color and an updated fabric.
3.  Buy curtains for four windows.
4.  Get rid of old coffee table + further declutter the numerous boxes that haven’t been touched since we moved in.

Final Carpet Update: Whew!  I’m so glad that this issue has come to a close (here is the story).  We were hoping that the portion of carpet we were unhappy with could be replaced with another continuous piece.  However,  were told that carpet comes in dye lots and ours is all sold out.  What does this mean?  Despite using the same formula over and over for dying a particular carpet, variations in hue occur.  Being that the length of carpet that would need to be replaced is 31 feet, it would be very obvious and would most likely not match.  So, we decided to take a sizable discount that made us happy.  The End.

Images:  meandwee, West Elm

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