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Papaya Art

These items from Papaya Art stole my attention today!  Lots of bold colors and graphics – so enchanting…

Images:  Papaya Art


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5 Rules to Declutter Chaos

Part of my weekend was spent cleaning out a section in our basement that housed our kids clothing (yay! – Slowly getting closer to organizing everything so that we can then paint the concrete walls).

We’re not sure if we’ll be having more children (keeping our options open at this time) and so we didn’t want to get rid of everything just yet.  However, I also don’t want tons of clothing bins taking up space.  So I got busy to work and tried to follow some decluttering rules that I have come to learn over the years:

1.  Start small. Deciding to declutter your entire house can be a great idea.  However, you can become quickly over-whelmed if you don’t break the process up into smaller tasks.  I generally start with a section in one room (or a theme such as books and magazines) and work on that until it’s complete.

2.  Don’t love it?  Lose it. Sometimes we hold on to something just because “so and so” gave it to us.  If it doesn’t serve a purpose or make you happy when you look at it, get rid of it.  The functionality and flow of your household is far too important to hold on to things that take up valuable space.

3.  Be cautious of giving to friends and family – especially large items. Let me tell you a little story.  Years ago, I asked one of my friends if they had any interest in some furniture I was getting rid of.  They were ecstatic and said they wanted it all.   Weeks went by and I wondered if  by chance they had forgotten about the furniture or had 2nd thoughts.  They assured me that they still wanted it but that at the moment they did not have room for it.  They requested if I could hold on to it a bit longer.  Over a year went by and the furniture sat in my house taking up precious space.  I finally ended up putting the furniture to the curb and watched it disappear within 10 minutes.  It was that easy.  Becoming a storage facility for others was not my idea of decluttering.  Because this has happened to me a few times, I now give a finite time someone has before the item goes to the curb (or Goodwill).

4.  Take breaks. It didn’t get this way overnight and most likely it will take sometime to declutter all the chaos.  But don’t let the breaks last too long otherwise you may loose your motivation.

5.  Enjoy your regained space! Hopefully we won’t clutter it up again!  Keep clutter under constant check.  Should you see signs of it creeping in again, take action immediately! :)

Images:  House of Many Hues


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4 Creative Finds

1.  Oil Paintings by Inapaleplace | 2.  Skeleton Keys Clutch by Allicoate | 3.  Kitty Cat Pendant by Cellsdividing | 4.  Lavender Drawer Liner by Myheartsdesign

Images:  (See sources above)


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Spring Into Art

Good Morning!  Today I’m considering moving around some of the prints and artwork in my house.  Most importantly, I really need to add some art to a few bare walls.  Right now I’m in the planning stage, but I’m thinking lots of color and Spring (despite how cold it is!).  This artwork from Art That Fits has the color combination I’m looking for.

Maybe this weekend I’ll pull out the canvas and paints.

Image:  Art That Fits (Spring by Kate Moynihan)


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Glowing Light

Is it me, or is this Beaux Mansion living room photo over at The Glam Lamb glowing?  The photographer captured an amazing light.

Images:  The Glam Lamb


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Designer Fabrics

I spent most of my weekend at home working on a few projects but mostly spending time with the girls.  My weekends generally involve alot of driving around but after gas prices hit over $4 a gallon on Saturday (for me a $70 fill-up!), I was reminded that I need to brush up on how I plan my driving routes and where I really need to go.   Therefore I spent all day Sunday at home and loved it!

Part of my weekend was spent working one of my favorite hobbies – searching for hard-to-get European designer fabrics.  They are hard-to-get because most of the companies do not sell directly to the public so you must purchase them through interior designers.  However, sometimes there are remnants left over from a project that buyers sell.  I came across many that are just g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s and were on sale for around $60 – $100 per yard.  I know that sounds crazy expensive but many of these can range hundreds of dollars per yard.  My impulsive side wanted to just jump and buy a few yards but I have incorporated a rule when buying fabric – I must have a specific project it will be used for.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought pretty fabrics with no purpose in mind only for it to sit on a shelf.  So as you can imagine, I’m working hard at thinking where I could use the newly found fabrics before purchasing them.

While on my hunt of fabrics, I came across Jane Claire, a UK based shop owned by Jane Kitching and Claire Scott – both international interior designers.  While they do not sell fabric, they do design their own eclectic fabrics using lots of color, silks, and even vintage fabrics.  These designs and fabrics on their own line of cushions.

Images:  Jane Claire


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Johnny Miller Photography

I have to say that Johnny Miller Photography knows just how to grab the light when taking photo’s of glass bottles and vases.  He has done work for such clients as Target, Martha Stewart, and Kate Spade.

Beautiful glass bottles above.  The lighting makes me think of a summer morning with the sun just starting to rise and you just know it’s going to be a hot day (ok, if that’s not wishing that summer were already here…).

This photo look familiar…I wonder if it was from Martha Stewart Living magazine?

Images:  Johnny Miller Photography


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Happy Spaces

Today marks a special beginning for our family as our oldest daughter will be starting preschool today.  She will be going three days a week for just a few hours each day.  Its a big deal in our family (especially for dad and me)  because we have never had to leave either of our children in the hands of strangers.  In fact, we’ve never had a babysitter outside my mom and brother so the idea of just dropping her off somewhere is making me a little nervous.  I understand that this is just the first in a long series of “letting go” that I will be experiencing as a parent but nevertheless it still feels like a mixed bag of emotions.

With that said, I wanted to share a fantastic and wonderful UK shop that specializes in children’s art called Happy Spaces (doesn’t the name just put a smile on your face).  The company was started by lifelong friends, Mia Papania and Leanne Franse.  Here is a small taste of what they offer…

Images:  Happy Spaces

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