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Meet Stylist Tara Sloggett

Isn’t it wonderful how you can start researching one thing online and then before you know it you follow a trail that lands you somewhere amazingly unexpected?  I’m sure I must have mentioned this before.  But it’s true!  My husband is always shocked how much I have going on at once on my laptop.  Generally, I have at least 10 internet windows going at once.  I LOVE researching, learning, being inspired and sharing what I come across.  So this is how I ended up at Decor and Lifestyle Stlylist Tara Sloggett.

Her site opens with this message on top  -

So here I am!  New beginnings three years ago took me from London to Cape Town and now that the dust and the heart has settled I’m here to stay.  Specialising in styling, art direction, prop sourcing and production for international and local editorial shoots and commercial clients, I’m lucky enough to do what I love, with amazing people, in a beautiful, inspirational country I’ve come to call home.  Thanks for having me!”

Sounds like Tara has been following quite an adventure!  Here are some of her decor photo’s…

Love the little bits of ribbon tied to this chandelier.  For some reason the ribbon reminds me of something that Cox & Cox would sell.

Images:  Tara Sloggett

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1 an ordinary woman { 09.02.11 at 4:47 am }

I’m in the turquoise, light blue mood right now – I enjoyed the images. Thanks :)

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