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Vintage Board Game Art

Ever think about framing the artwork of a vintage board game?  I am soo loving this idea!  There are tons of board games to choose from and make such a unique display.  However, there are 2 challenges I foresee – 1.  Finding a frame that will fit.  I think the word here is “custom” (there are some great online resources for this) and 2.  Finding just a box in great shape for sale.  Really, this is just my problem because I would feel awfully guilty if I cut up the box of a game intact.  These are not huge issues, but they did pop up in my mind and come out on the keyboard.  But back to the artwork, check these out…

I think some of these would look great in a kids room or play area while others maybe be fun in a den or family area.  Let’s just say that the possibilities are endless!

Some of the ad’s on the box crack me up…”It’s just like golf…without the walking”!

Ok, this one above may be a bit creepy for my taste – but there are people who just love clowns and find them intriguing.

Images:  eBay

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1 Maria { 06.03.11 at 3:48 am }

Now I need to go to the garage and find some of my old board games. Great idea!

2 Kim Vandenbroucke { 04.02.12 at 12:55 pm }

Love old board game art — nice finds!

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