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Posts from — August 2011

Before + After Bookshelf

Oh my what a summer it has been!  We’ve been busy working our basement project (the concrete walls are now painted, yay!),  having a much needed patio installed,  tending to the vegetable garden (which is growing crazy amounts of vegetables!), swimming at Grandma’s, sunning, seeing friends, shopping, and sneaking in a project here and there.  My latest involved painting a pine bookshelf that once sat in the kitchen of our previous home.  It  held cookbooks, food related magazines, and craft projects in progress.  However, when we moved, I had no need for a bookshelf in the kitchen and so it has sat in our basement patiently waiting for a new life.

Aside from no longer needing it my new kitchen, I really didn’t want to use it anywhere else in our house due to all the scratches our dog put on it as a puppy years ago.  Then an idea popped up – why not paint it and use it in our oldest daughters room?  The kids could really make it feel wanted by storing their books and toys.  So I got out the paint, decoupage, brushes, and some fabric.  Here is how it came out…

You should have seen the amazed look on my 3 year old daughters face when she saw it in her room!  Hey, she impresses easily – I’ll take what I can get.

Images:  House of Many Hues

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August 1, 2011   1 Comment