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60 30 10 Decorating Rule

I must warn you that today I am on photo overload!  There were so many gorgeous pictures that I simply could not choose a few.  I’ve often wondered if there was a limit to the number of photos a Wordpresss entry could handle.  You’ll be happy to know (hopefully) that I have not hit that magical number (if one even exists).  Ok, now that I have officially provided you the warning and your still willing to continue reading, lets get started.  You may have heard of the 60 30 10 decorating rule or as some have called it the 3 color rule.  If not, it goes something like this:  60% of a rooms color comes from the walls, 30% comes from the upholstery of the furniture, and 10% is the sparkle or wow factor that usually comes from the accessories.  It has been said that many of the best decorated rooms including ones shown in home decor magazines generally follow this rule.  However, I may have a slight disagreement with the 10% portion in which some designers have stated that no more than 2 colors should be used.   Because really, how can one stick to only 3 or 4 colors in a room let alone to only 2 colors for accessories?  I believe that as long as you keep the accessories to 10%, there really are no number limitations to the colors that can be used.  The statement made may be a bit different, but I think it can still work beautifully.  Check out these rooms where accessories are not limited 1 or 2 colors:

Images:  Marie Claire Maison

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