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I’m Sale-ing into Consignment

With the Fall season quickly approaching Winter, I started to feel that awful yearly sorrow knowing my Garage Sale-ing days are becoming limited if not already over.  Where else can I find a Nate Berkus lamp for $2 or 20 childrens books for 50 cents?  I look around our home and realize that Garage Sales have not only impacted our family but saved us tons of money – this of course, is always welcomed and fabulous.

Hey Kirk, can you believe this kids book on Amazon is $20 and I only paid 5 cents?  I am especially grateful for the savings when I see my youngest ripping up said book.

However, like software, I think I’ve found a patch.  It’s not exactly a fix but enough to keep me running until the season starts again.  Consignment shops.  The first time I saw a store with the word Consignment, I had no idea what it meant.  Do you borrow the items and have to bring it back?  I didn’t get it.  Then somewhere along the line I equated Consignment with overly expensive used stuff.  But I thought to look into this again and to my surprise came across 2 locations with beautiful items that were very reasonably priced.  Score!

What’s even better is that the longer the item sits in the store, the cheaper it becomes.  The discounted price along with the effective date is all on the tag.  Is this how all Consignment shops work?  What have I been missing?

Images:  House of Many Hues

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