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Madeline Weinrib

Good Tuesday morning to you my blogland friends!  I hope your weekend was restful and you had time to enjoy the things you love most.  What is it that you love most?   For me it’s spending time with my family and then indulging in something creative that has no timeline.  I hate feeling any sort of rush when doing something I enjoy – I just want to be lost in the moment.  And that’s exactly how I felt looking at rugs by Madeline Weinrib over the weekend.  Madeline is an artist and designer who resides in New York City.  She launched her first rug collection in 1998 and continues to offer designs and colors that are simply gorgeous and keep me interested.

While looking at her rugs for the first time, I had a strange suspicion that I had met her before – not literally, but through magazines, books, or online (although I would love to meet her – call me anytime Madeline!).  I decided to dig into this a bit further and check my notes and files, but nothing came up.  Then through sheer luck I happen to read that she is the granddaughter of ABC Carpet & Home founder Max Weinrib and then all was clear for me.  I’ve mentioned ABC Carpet & Home a few times and can’t get enough of their rugs and products.  Both offer the richness I look for and love in rugs!

Images:  Elle Decor

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1 chizwa { 12.28.11 at 6:16 am }

I love her work

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