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Thankful Throughout the Year

Good morning peeps!  I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This year we went to my mom’s house and as always she puts out a large spread.  The good thing about that is left overs – no one has to cook anything for days.

I did review in my mind all that I was thankful for – my family and friends (including our pets and the animals that visit us), our health, hot running water, our dishwasher that is used at least twice a day,  the variety of food that is available, the land we live on and all its wonders – I could go on and on.  But this isn’t something I review once a year on Thanksgiving.  In fact, I think about these things often and so I’m very familiar with my thankful “list”.  However, I find that if I wallow too much in what I’m thankful for, then I start to wonder ‘why’.  Why?  Yes, why.  Why was this life available to me and not others?

I decided to ask my oldest daughter who is 3 and a half what she was thankful for.  I wasn’t sure if she would understand the meaning of my question, but she surprised me – as she usually does.  Her answer was immediate, soft spoken, and simple, “Our home”.

I thought about which photo of our home to share and remembered that I never posted photos of our new patio that was installed this past summer.  The photo above was taken one early morning last week.

We bought the patio table and chairs are about 8 or 9 years old, but I think they still work.  This year I touched up the paint on the table and a few of the chairs – to my shock, I found a perfect paint match!  This means, I might be able to keep this set going for a little while longer.  I also love that the cushions fit under the table and that 2 of the chairs swivel.

The patio still needs lounge furniture to go around the firepit (where will I read my magazines and take my summer naps?).  We are continuing our search for a good deal although it’s becoming more difficult now that Winter is almost here – but there is always craigslist.  Also, lighting still needs to be installed on the corner brick walls.  We haven’t had good luck with Electricians lately and so I might reserve this project until the Spring.  Despite the details, I have enjoyed many a drinks this year on the patio and hope to do so throughout the winter.

P.S.  I asked my daughter should she have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus (say, at the local mall), what would she ask him for Christmas.  “Socks.  Flowery socks”.

Images:  House of Many Hues

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