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Parisian + Moroccan

The topic of strange gifts came up the other day and I really had to think about any unusual (and I don’t mean that in a good way) gifts that I’ve received.  Honestly, I can’t think of anything that falls under weird – but I have had people give me used stuff and then try to pass it off as brand new.  I’m not sure why they felt compelled to do this as I buy used items all the time!

Take a look at this Parisian home that has a Moroccan flavor.  It incorporates the old (including used items) with new and simply looks stunning!

Tooth Update:  I must say that I have the best dentist ever!  He had a huge task ahead of him last night by having to redo someone else’s poor work.  Numbing this tooth was no easy job and required lots of anesthetic which made me pass out momentarily (I’m sure the anxiety didn’t help either!).  I’m so glad that this is all over and behind me.

Images: Le Journal de la Maison


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After being sick for a few weeks, tonight I will need to endure a root canal on a very throbbing tooth.  A few years ago, I had what I believed to be an unnecessary root canal performed by a very green dentist.  Two weeks after the procedure, I felt pain in what was supposedly a dead tooth but was told it was ‘phantom’ pain.  Off and on this pain continued for nearly 4 years all along believing it was just in my head.  Tonight I will finally be addressing my ‘phantom’ pain by removing one of the nerves missed by the dentist. Sorry to be going off topic, but this has been a long time coming and am looking forward to it all being over.

One of my coping mechanisms when in pain is to seek out beautiful and inspiring things.  It works so well sometimes that I can actually forget about any aches and pains.  So I must thank Rachel Castle who kept me from thinking about my poor tooth today.  Rachel founded Australian based Castle in 2008 and sells products for the home.  According to her site, “The brand represents a love of beautiful, often handcrafted or hand printed, pieces for the home”.

Images:  Castle


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Michi Girl

I’ve been feeling a little pressure lately to finish reading my many books.  It’s a well-known fact that when spring and summer arrives, the amount of reading that I do drops off significantly.  Don’t get me wrong, magazines and books are always piled up on my nightstand!  It just seems that for me winter is the most appropriate time to go to bed early and curly up with a book.  So when I came across the book, What on Earth Are You Wearing? by Michi Girl I knew that I would be able to commit reading it regardless of the season.  It is a silly glossary type book with beautiful watercolor illustrations that describes the fashion world from the author’s perspective.

Images:  Michi Girl


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Bright and Bold

Today I am feeling a bit on the citrus side.  I’ve been craving something with a hint of lemon or lime…

1.  Gemini Citron Pillow 2.   Chevron Rug 3.   Doily Print Dress 4.  Upcycled Frames 5.   When Life Hands You Lemons Print

Maybe I’m craving a mojito…

Images:  See Individual Links


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I Have No Words

I am feeling ever so sad so if you are not in the mood to be brought down, avoid reading this post.  You may remember me mentioning that my very good friend’s dad wasn’t doing so well.  A few years ago he had suffered a heart attack and then later found out he had a tumor on his lung.  After 3 years of battling and hoping and trying it all ended Sunday evening.  I want to tell my friend that it will get better, but my own experience doesn’t prove that – at least not yet.  For me, it seems that as time goes by I miss my dad more and more and carry him everywhere I go.  In my mind I keep a file of all that he has missed and wonder how big this file will grow over time.  Yes, people tell me that he is watching down on us, but that doesn’t seem to help me any.  And so right now I have no words for my friend.  Instead, I plan to hold his hand and let him know that I’m here for him.

Images: sisterspock


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Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Happy Friday my peeps!  I hope you have lots of good things in store for the weekend.  We will be continuing to put our main floor back together from the work that was done on our floors earlier this week.  As we put things back, I want to think about what we really need to keep.  It’s always good to keep the clutter in check – how does it collect so fast?

I will close out the week with some scene’s from the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week which just ended yesterday.  BTW, they use to televise this event and I can’t seem to find a schedule.  Does anyone know if they still put this on Style Network? or E! ?

Should anyone from New York Fashion Week ever read this, please, please send the House of Many Hues a ticket for one of those seats!  I’ve tried for years to get one with no success.  Not even cash will get me one.  I would be forever indebted to you!

Have a fabulous weekend and we’ll see each other back here next week.

Images:  Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week


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Linnestaden, Sweden Apartment

Today we will be traveling to Linnestaden, Sweden where we will take a look at a spacious apartment for sale.  The area of Linnestaden is situated on the west coast of Sweden and is less than 5 miles from the North Sea.

The apartment we will be looking at boasts 3 fireplaces and is on the 3rd floor with a balcony (great view!).  It measures approx. 1,072 sq. ft. – which really is sizable not only for European standards, but even here in the US.  Asking price is about $512,000 US which is typical when located in a large European city.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

The window hardware is just wonderful.  I wonder if they are original to the building.  It wouldn’t surprise me since the building was constructed 1905.  Oh, and yes, I would love a jellybean.

Well, any thoughts?  I think my two favorite spots would be the balcony and near anyone of the fireplaces.

Images:  Stadshem


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Artist Amy Borrell, Cake with Giants

I am so glad that we can now go back to using our kitchen!  Aside for being sick the last 4 days, our kitchen was not accessible for 2 days due to some work on our floors; may not sound like a big deal, but with two little ones things were becoming a challenge.  Between the kids and the use of a steam cleaner (which I will never use on a wood floor again!) the kitchen floor was starting to lose its sparkle*.  So a new layer of clear coat was in order and now it shines again!  Next is to get all of the furniture back in place.  Ugh!

I will close this post off with some wonderful watercolor and pencil prints by Amy Borrell.  If you are interested in purchasing some of her work, you can check it out here.

I think I will go and curl up in my bed for some much needed rest.

Images:  Amy Burrell, Cake with Giants

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