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After being sick for a few weeks, tonight I will need to endure a root canal on a very throbbing tooth.  A few years ago, I had what I believed to be an unnecessary root canal performed by a very green dentist.  Two weeks after the procedure, I felt pain in what was supposedly a dead tooth but was told it was ‘phantom’ pain.  Off and on this pain continued for nearly 4 years all along believing it was just in my head.  Tonight I will finally be addressing my ‘phantom’ pain by removing one of the nerves missed by the dentist. Sorry to be going off topic, but this has been a long time coming and am looking forward to it all being over.

One of my coping mechanisms when in pain is to seek out beautiful and inspiring things.  It works so well sometimes that I can actually forget about any aches and pains.  So I must thank Rachel Castle who kept me from thinking about my poor tooth today.  Rachel founded Australian based Castle in 2008 and sells products for the home.  According to her site, “The brand represents a love of beautiful, often handcrafted or hand printed, pieces for the home”.

Images:  Castle

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