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Formland Trade Show

Sometime it feels like there is a price to pay when the weather during winter goes from being cold to warm and back to cold – namely getting sick.  My Grandmother and Mother (both from the old country) always warned us to take extra caution during those warm winter days and not let ourselves get carried away by hanging up the cold gear or going outside soon after a shower.  “You’ll get sick”, is what they would say.  Whether this is true I’m not sure but the fact is that I’m now sick.  Yep.  I’ve got chills, a sore throat, and feeling oh so very tired.  Last weekend we were at the park in sunny warm weather and today we have about 5″ of snow.  Gotta love Michigan!

On the other hand, I’ve been hearing rumors that in Europe the winter has been difficult and very cold.  I’m especially curious as to the weather in Denmark.  Why Denmark?  That’s where Formland, the Scandinavian Trade show, took place (you may have noticed the ad that was up on the right for last few months).  I’ve never actually been, but would love to.  Formland’s Spring 2012 show took place in January and focuses on home furnishings, accessories, gifts, art, interior design, and more.  Here are some snapshots from the event…

The show happens twice a year with the next one happening August 9-12 – Formland Autumn.

Images:  Formland

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