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French Paper & Happy New Years Eve

I’ve been working on researching and gathering samples of paper for a future project slash possible venture (should everything work out, I’ll definitely let you know more!).  Anyway, one of the samples came from French Paper and I have to say that it’s absolutely beautiful!  They sell everything from cardstock to unique patterned papers.  I’m starting to get more ideas just looking at it…

It’s amazing that tonight brings the end of 2010.  The year began with such joy as our 2nd daughter was born (January 2nd).  It also brought the House of Many Hues blog that I had contemplated for so long but just couldn’t seem to get started.  Lots of interior decorating, design, weekend finds, DIY projects, cake decorating, lessons learned, I could go on and on!  All along trying to stay creative and keeping true to my authentic self.  A new chapter begins tomorrow with so much to look forward to.  I have a few year long photo projects, possibly a little business venture, a few surprises, and of course decorating and re-decorating.  Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  See you on the other side!


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Decorating Tip – Card Tables

Tis’ the season for lots of guests and tabletop space can be limited especially when having dinner.  You’ve got your centerpiece on the table, plates, glasses, silverware, and there’s just no room for all of the food.  What to do?  Consider placing a card table near the head of the table (hopefully you or your significant other will be sitting there).  All the food can then be place on the card table and passed around without the traffic of a buffet.   I know what you may be thinking, “But card tables are ugly”.  Yes, many of them are.  BUT, you can dress it up with a lovely tablecloth and add its own decor.  Another option is to keep an eye out for card tables at vintage stores.  Back in the day, they were beautifully designed.  Here is a photo of one vintage card table that I use…

It folds open nicely and holds quite a bit of food.  When I’m done using it, I folded up and put it in the basement.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Advent Calendar

Today is the start of the advent calendar.  I finished the one I mentioned I was making last weekend and I think it turned out not too bad.  The ivory background and all of the numbered pockets are made of felt.   I used glitter glue for the numbers and made the pockets a bit on the larger side (5″x5″) so that more than one item could be placed in each pocket (one for each of my kids).  I wanted to keep it fun and not worry so much about perfection.  It was easy to make, but a bit time consuming – lots of sewing involved for the pockets.

Here is an overall view of our back entrance where I placed the calendar.  The top of the calendar is held up with a stick I found in our yard.  Hopefully, putting this up every year will become a tradition in our family.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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8 Great Holiday Finds

Finding holiday gifts that suit your loved ones can really be difficult – especially if they have everything!  I think that many of us fall under this category  because for the last decade or so the internet has made it easy to buy what we need/want without much waiting.  However, I must admit that I still love receiving gifts even though I don’t need anything.  It’s the excitement of the packaging, the unknown, and most importantly that someone went out of their way just for you.  So if your having trouble finding something, here are some holiday finds that may give you ideas…

1.  Mum Slippers,  Uncommon Goods  2. Sparkling Bow Tote bag,  Forever 21   3.  Spooled Candle, Anthropologie  4.  Winter Tree Boxes, West Elm.

5.  Coral Cluster Necklace, Charm & Chain  6.  Suede Ankle Bootie, Madewell  7.  All Natural Pear Candy Cane, Hammond  8.  Snowflake Cookie Box Kit, The Container Store.

Doesn’t the coral necklace above just look so vintage chic?  It’s made of glass faceted beads and has a perfect coral color that makes me happy.   (Update:  It must make alot of people happy because it appears that it’s now sold out.  However, they do have this necklace available in turquoise).  In fact, I can see pairing up the necklace and the gray suede booties in the same outfit – coral and gray go so well together.

Let it be known that I am not a fan of peppermint candy canes.  I think the reason is that one year when I was a kid we used them as ornaments for our Christmas tree.  When it was time to take the Christmas tree and its ornaments down, the candy canes were also packaged away.  The same candy canes were used for about 2 years.  By the second year, the candy canes had begun to liquefy and so an awful sticky peppermint mess got on our Christmas decorations.  I remember getting just sick from the potent smell.  From that point on I just didn’t like peppermint candy canes (if I ever did).  BUT, I do like other flavors and Hammond’s has candy canes in other flavors that are all natural and handmade since 1922.

Finally, if your making treats to give for the holidays check out The Container Store for holiday boxes.  These look like gifts themselves.

Images:  (See Source Above)


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Vintage Inspired Ornaments

If I didn’t know any better I would think that these ornaments were vintage – you might have even convinced me that they were antique.  They just look that good!  Creator Mahtab, is a professional theater puppet and doll maker residing in London.  She is originally from Iran where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Puppetry Theater.  Generally, she makes her dolls and puppets from paper and clay.  Maybe one day I will have a vintage inspired Christmas tree…

Well, the weekend is here and lots of work to do (so wishing for a relaxing weekend – maybe next weekend).  Hope your weekend is ridiculously fabulous!  See you here next week for more sparks of inspiration.

Images:  Moonlight Creations


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MoMA Store

Cold, wet, rainy.  That’s my description for today’s weather.  It may sound a little crazy, but I kind of liked it.  I’m ready to bring out my Fall gear and put them to use.  I have a few fun umbrella’s and tons of scarfs.  In fact, I may have a slight addition to buying scarfs.  I love the warmth it gives my neck and the ease of accessorizing an outfit with one.  You could be wearing a plain shirt and an even more dull pair of pants – but throw on a fun scarf and suddenly it doesn’t look so blah.  These scarfs and umbrellas from MoMA Store are just my kind of fun!

1.Turquoise Flower Scarf,  2. Blue Dots Scarf,  3. Confetti Scarf,  4. Sky Umbrella,  5. Color Wheel Stick Umbrella.

I’m thinking that it might not be so hard to make #1 and #3.

Image:  MoMA Store


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Pier 1

In our local newspaper (The Detroit News),  there is a section I enjoy reading called Homestyle.  The format is a bit different than the rest of the newspaper in that it mimics a magazine but made of out newspaper.  While flipping through last Fridays paper, I saw a Halloween ad for “…whimsical chair – or table leg covers…” by Pier 1.  What I love about this decoration is that it’s a bit unexpected and gives furniture a human like feel.  Each leg cover sells for $7.95 in stores and online.

Images:  The Detroit News, Pier 1


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Just In – The Bompany Company is Back!

Well, sort of.  Many of you may remember that back in January 2008 the retail chain, The Bombay Company, closed all of its US doors.  It was known for its wonderful selection of home accessories and furniture.  I’ve been watching their US website for almost 2 years now because it gave promise that a re-organization of the company was in the works.  They now have released information that their products will be offered through QVC and can be found here.  The selection is not very large, but I hope that it continues to grow.

There is also a promise of Bombay Kids coming soon!

Images:  The Bombay Company, Bombay Kids

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