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Paper Art

Years ago while at one of my favorite art stores, I couldn’t help but notice the huge hand cut paper lace draping the front window.  It reminded me of a gorgeous vintage tablecloth that was to only be seen and never used.  It had such an intricate design that I was baffled as to how they accomplished this.  Did they use small scissors? Was the paper folded and cut?  Did it take days or weeks to make?

Paper art can take on many forms.  I haven’t tried my hand at any paper lace projects mainly because I fear that my kids curiosity would probably destroy it.  But I did come across a paper project that is just lovely, durable, and doesn’t take much time at all.  Paper stars.  Take a look at the few I started:

It took me a few tries until I was able to make some decent ones.  I mainly used 1/2″ strips of paper that were about 10″ long.  It seemed that if they were any longer, I had a hard time fluffing them out.

One suggestion that comes up often is to write positive affirmations inside each star and then put them a jar or basket at home, work, or wherever.   Each day one can be picked by you or a visitor and unraveled and read.   I love it!

Want to try your hand at making these stellar beauties?  You can find video instructions here.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Artist Amy Borrell, Cake with Giants

I am so glad that we can now go back to using our kitchen!  Aside for being sick the last 4 days, our kitchen was not accessible for 2 days due to some work on our floors; may not sound like a big deal, but with two little ones things were becoming a challenge.  Between the kids and the use of a steam cleaner (which I will never use on a wood floor again!) the kitchen floor was starting to lose its sparkle*.  So a new layer of clear coat was in order and now it shines again!  Next is to get all of the furniture back in place.  Ugh!

I will close this post off with some wonderful watercolor and pencil prints by Amy Borrell.  If you are interested in purchasing some of her work, you can check it out here.

I think I will go and curl up in my bed for some much needed rest.

Images:  Amy Burrell, Cake with Giants


February 15, 2012   1 Comment

Art Show + My Weekend with Paint

I was lucky enough to go to an art viewing about a week ago and was quite inspired by all of the talented work that surrounded me.  Huge paintings, life size sculptures, and glass work that was brilliant.  It was an environment in which you didn’t want to move quickly or make any sharp moves for fear of knocking something over or worse yet breaking it.  So naturally, I took my kids to the event.  I always look for opportunities to expose them to various elements of culture and this was certainly one to explore.  The NO STROLLERS sign was probably translation for, “No one under 18″ -  but, oh well.  Surprisingly, they behaved and shocked many of the spectators (including myself).  Maybe they were speechless due to sensory overload.

I’ve been looking for time to do some art work (still figuring out a routine since the new job started).  Over the weekend, I finally got my wish and spent time whipping around some paint.  This is one of my finished projects…

For some reason, the colors just make me happy!  I would love to do something like this on a huge piece of canvas and hang it up.

Images:  House of Many Hues


February 7, 2012   1 Comment

Valentine Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast!  You may remember me mentioning (here) that my husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day as many people do.  However, I’ve always loved the pink hues and chic/glam products that come out around this time of year.  Here are a few I came across:

1.  The Love Balloon’s Print – Judy Kaufmann 2.  Knit Hot Water Bottle Cover – LoftLines 3.  Felt Heart Garland -  BluBeau 4.  Vintage Typewriter – joevintage

There is nothing like receiving a typed letter.  I know that there are computer fonts that simulate this vintage machinery’s output, but it just can’t be replaced.  The imperfection of a typewriter is one of its appeals.  This reminds me, when is the last time you wrote a love letter to your significant other?  What a charming surprise that would be.  I haven’t written one in ages – I think I’ll get started on one to my husband and each of my daughters!

P.S.  I did think of something that I don’t like for Valentine’s Day – Sweetheart candy.  I know, I know.  But it’s always tasted like dried up dusty toothpaste to me.  Yuck!

Images:  See Links Above


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Pricey Art

Oh my the holidays are almost here and I happen to find a fabulous gift – for our home!  I stopped at one of my favorite 2nd hand stores and by complete chance was captivated by a watercolor painting sitting on top of a huge pile of framed art.  Could it be an original?  I’ve almost been fooled before with watercolor replicas – but not this time.  Not only was this an original watercolor, but it so happen to have information on the back of the frame.

It was sold by the fine arts Birmingham Gallery by John McKinney in Michigan.  According to the handwritten portion, the artist was from Denmark and her name was Ulla Grau.  I was curious as to how old the piece was – my guess put it at either the 50’s or 60’s.  I wanted to know more but wasn’t sure if the art gallery was still around so I did a little research and got more than I was expecting.  The art gallery opened in 1968 and shut down in 1977 after owner John McKinney was violently murdered (case still remains unsolved – for news clippings see here).  As for information on the artist herself, I could find nothing which makes the art that much more mystifying!  The purchase price for this art with original frame – $7.99.

The colors are more vibrant than the picture shows – but it is a watercolor that is aging.  I hung it where there is no direct sunlight and hope it lasts!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Delicious Beads

If I had these string of beads as a child, you would have caught me sucking on them and dreaming that they tasted like bits of candy.



Images:  ebeadstore (Etsy), RiverSongBeads (Etsy)


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Next Years Pumpkins

Every year I struggle with what to carve on my pumpkin.  I usually end up with what I love best – a geometric pattern.  However, this year I came across Meg Duerksen’s Whatever blog and I’m thinking this is what I’d like to do next year… hope I remember this.

Images:  Meg Duerksen, Whatever


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Vintage Board Game Art

Ever think about framing the artwork of a vintage board game?  I am soo loving this idea!  There are tons of board games to choose from and make such a unique display.  However, there are 2 challenges I foresee – 1.  Finding a frame that will fit.  I think the word here is “custom” (there are some great online resources for this) and 2.  Finding just a box in great shape for sale.  Really, this is just my problem because I would feel awfully guilty if I cut up the box of a game intact.  These are not huge issues, but they did pop up in my mind and come out on the keyboard.  But back to the artwork, check these out…

I think some of these would look great in a kids room or play area while others maybe be fun in a den or family area.  Let’s just say that the possibilities are endless!

Some of the ad’s on the box crack me up…”It’s just like golf…without the walking”!

Ok, this one above may be a bit creepy for my taste – but there are people who just love clowns and find them intriguing.

Images:  eBay

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