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Shells + Wreath Project

We came back with lots of shells from our last Florida trip (as we usually do when visiting the ocean).  I wanted to put them on display but still be able to have my daughters touch and feel the different shells.  Shadowboxes are really wonderful but almost all of them have a glass front and can sometimes be pricey.  So I decided to make my own.  I bought an open frame (16″ x 20″) on clearance, some foam core board cut to size (needs to be sturdy), and black velour fabric to cover the foam core board.  This is how it came out…

Total cost for all material was $15.  What’s also great is that the frame is so light my daughters will be able to handle it (and no worry about broken glass).

I promised to share photo’s of the yarn wreath I made a few months ago and wouldn’t you know it, it completely slipped my mind.  Here it is hanging on our front door…

Wrapping the foam core wreath took FOREVER!  Randomly wrapping the yarn came out looking really messy and so I started over and opted to line each yarn fiber next to the other.  The flowers were made individually from felt and the letter B was added for our last name.

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Papaya Art

These items from Papaya Art stole my attention today!  Lots of bold colors and graphics – so enchanting…

Images:  Papaya Art


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4 Creative Finds

1.  Oil Paintings by Inapaleplace | 2.  Skeleton Keys Clutch by Allicoate | 3.  Kitty Cat Pendant by Cellsdividing | 4.  Lavender Drawer Liner by Myheartsdesign

Images:  (See sources above)


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Spring Into Art

Good Morning!  Today I’m considering moving around some of the prints and artwork in my house.  Most importantly, I really need to add some art to a few bare walls.  Right now I’m in the planning stage, but I’m thinking lots of color and Spring (despite how cold it is!).  This artwork from Art That Fits has the color combination I’m looking for.

Maybe this weekend I’ll pull out the canvas and paints.

Image:  Art That Fits (Spring by Kate Moynihan)


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Happy Spaces

Today marks a special beginning for our family as our oldest daughter will be starting preschool today.  She will be going three days a week for just a few hours each day.  Its a big deal in our family (especially for dad and me)  because we have never had to leave either of our children in the hands of strangers.  In fact, we’ve never had a babysitter outside my mom and brother so the idea of just dropping her off somewhere is making me a little nervous.  I understand that this is just the first in a long series of “letting go” that I will be experiencing as a parent but nevertheless it still feels like a mixed bag of emotions.

With that said, I wanted to share a fantastic and wonderful UK shop that specializes in children’s art called Happy Spaces (doesn’t the name just put a smile on your face).  The company was started by lifelong friends, Mia Papania and Leanne Franse.  Here is a small taste of what they offer…

Images:  Happy Spaces


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Social Graces

This past weekend I did a little bit of shopping and was somewhat surprised by the number of people I encountered that could have used a good dose of Miss Manners advice.  I find most people happy and pleasant when shopping (except maybe grocery shopping – but that’s a different story).  It’s not unusual to come across a tasteless and rude individual here an there but the numbers seemed higher than usual this weekend.  Here’s a few things to keep in mind when shopping:

1.  Watch your cart.  While waiting in line to pay, I literally had someone press their cart up to my tush and keep it there!  I think this person thought that the closer they got to me, the closer they were to checking out.   2.  I must admit that this can be very annoying and distracting -  but trying to fix your panties wedged up your bottom should done as discretely as possible.  In the middle of a wide open store, a woman with a very curvaceous bottom is hard at work trying to dislodge her panties and digging far too deep for public comfort (sorry to be so descriptive).    3. Ok, I’m sure this has happened to everyone numerous times but someone stopping in the middle of a retail walk path and occupying so much space that others can’t get around them is disrespectful.  I am usually not in any rush when shopping so if you must stop to do something quickly I have no issue.  But stopping to have a full conversation on your phone and blocking a line of people lacks courtesy.  Choose a side and pull over.   4.  If your going to wear leggings with a short top, make sure you can’t see through the leggings.  Oh, and if you can see through them, then undies are a must.  She was about 47 years old and trying on shoes while standing up. GROSS.   5.  Finally, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting the hard battle”.

With that said, I can now move on to something beautiful and positive.  Meet potter OneClayBead whose work is influenced by the Blue Ridge mountains.  I find her work to be ever so brilliant in color, natural, and soothing.  Check it out…

Thought the the plates and bowl were beautiful?  Check out how gorgeous the underside is is…

Everything you see here is for sale in her Etsy shop and can be bought at a very reasonable price!

Images:  OneClayBead (Etsy)


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Roberto Capucci

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art where they are exhibiting the work of Italian designer and artist Roberto Capucci.  The exhibition features 80 works of art spanning a 60 year career which also includes original drawings and sketches.

The dress on the left is the Arancia Sculpture dress (1982), while the other is the Sculpture (1992).  This exhibition will run March 16 – June 5.

Images:  Architectural Digest


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Artist Paul Ferney

Maybe its because the textured brush strokes look like whipped frosting, but these cake paintings by Paul Ferney look good enough to eat!

Delicious prints of these paintings (and more) are available here.

Images:  Paul Ferney

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