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Michi Girl

I’ve been feeling a little pressure lately to finish reading my many books.  It’s a well-known fact that when spring and summer arrives, the amount of reading that I do drops off significantly.  Don’t get me wrong, magazines and books are always piled up on my nightstand!  It just seems that for me winter is the most appropriate time to go to bed early and curly up with a book.  So when I came across the book, What on Earth Are You Wearing? by Michi Girl I knew that I would be able to commit reading it regardless of the season.  It is a silly glossary type book with beautiful watercolor illustrations that describes the fashion world from the author’s perspective.

Images:  Michi Girl


February 27, 2012   2 Comments

Summer + Magic

Do you ever feel pressed to choose which hobby and projects you get to spend your time on?  Lately, this has been my dilemma (I know, I know – the story of every person’s life on Earth).  I needed a plan and so I spent a moment thinking about how I was going to handle this – at least for the summer.  And so my priority list has developed keeping anything outdoor related #1 because let’s face it, I live in Michigan.   However, I have tried to get some visual stimulation from some favorite books and last night was “Do You Believe in Magic?” by Rosalind Welcher copyright 1969.  It’s a small book with few words but the illustrations put a smile on my face!  Here are a few frames from the book…

I believe this book is out of print but may be found at used book stores and online.

I’m not sure what’s more captivating for me – the illustrations or words.

Too cute!

I was first introduced to Rosalind’s work when I came across the fairy tale city of Copenhagen. Maybe you’ve seen it?

Anyway, I’ve been hooked ever since!

Images:  “Do You Believe in Magic” book by Rosalind Welcher, Rosalind Welcher


May 31, 2011   No Comments

Design Reference Books

What a busy few days it has been at our house!  So I’m not sure what I was thinking the other day when I placed a huge order of art and decor books (when am I going to have time to read them all?).  While my local used book sales are awesome, they rarely have some of the books missing from my collection.  Either the dealers are buying them up early in the morning or people are just not giving up their design reference books.   Nevertheless, I thought it was about time I finally got my own copy of the design worlds bible, Domino (especially since it’s now less than $20 bucks).

I think our family’s book collection is getting near (if not already) what our bookshelves will hold … OR  maybe we need bigger bookshelves like one pictured below.

I’m glad that there is a person in the photo for reference as to how high these go up.  What a great concept by Diane Bergeron Interiors – a library in the dining room!  Think of all the potential conversations that can take place while dining.  Totally love this!

But seriously, I think I need to thin out the books we have and make space for new ones.  When am I ever going to read any of my pregnancy books again?

Images:  Diane Bergeron Interiors


January 20, 2011   1 Comment

Seasons Must Read Books

As I parooze the web, I’m finding many of the same books on peoples wish lists.  So much that I thought to share what the common trends for this seasons creative book reading are.  Here it goes…

Handmade Home and The Creative Family are both written by Amanda Blake Soule (you may have heard of Amanda through her blog SouleMama).  Handmade Home offers 33 projects using repurposed items and The Creative Family teaches you to “…awaken your family’s creativity…”.   Each book runs less than $15 on Amazon.

The title says it all – One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins offers projects to do with only a single yard of fabric.  Projects are stylish and most can be made in a few hours.

I have always wanted to learn to print on fabric (especially screen printing) and Printing by Hand offers step by step instructions using stamping, screening, and stenciling methods.  This book has lots of great reviews and I hope to get my hands on it this year.

Bend-the-Rules Sewing by Amy Karol is a book made for the novice sewer.  Amy discuss various techniques, how to choose fabrics, and even covers the basics of supplies and equipment.

This has got to be one of the most popular decor books on everyone’s wish list.  And really, how can it not be?  Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy was released in 2008 and still holds popular today.

Images:  Amazon


November 11, 2010   No Comments

Jeu de Paume Stockholm

My Jeu de Paume Children’s Rooms Stockholm book finally arrived from Japan!  I have always wanted to collect this series of interior design books, but had difficulty finding them in the States and even a bit online.  Now that I have one of the books, I’m hooked!  As far as I’m aware, the books are only available in Japanese and are written by French speaking Japanese who focus on Scandinavian design.  Did you follow that?   Either way, don’t let language differences stop you from picking one up yourself.  The photos are just about all you need.

Images:  Jeu de Paume, House of Many Hues


October 20, 2010   No Comments

Soups and Fiona Biggs

This weekend was filled with lots of activities and thinking about large projects.  On Saturday, I took the girls to a local craft show and was happy to see a few new vendors with great displays.   I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s just amazing to see how many crafters are still using the same props and displays from years ago.   While I know that displays can be expensive, slight changes can make a huge difference.

Sunday was spent shopping, visiting the local dairy farm, and then finishing the day off at the apple orchard where we bought cider and lots of various squashes.  I mentioned that I have been on a kick for tasty squash soup and have already made 3 different batches – 2 with butternut squash and one with acorn.  This has expanded to cauliflower and carrot soup (which I will be making tonight).  For me, warm soup has therapeutic and cozy properties – it just makes me feel good all over.  I’m so glad that the girls not only love it, but that it warms up nicely from the freezer.

With all the variations of squash soup I’ve tested, I’m finding it necessary to document what works best.  So when I came across this completely cute recipe organization book by Fiona Biggs, My Recipe Keeper, I knew I had to buy it (especially with the $5.99 price tag!).  Under each category (i.e. desserts, meats, and yes, soups), there is space for logging your recipes or a pocket to simply place already written ones.  The author also provides many recipes as well as a section on “What Went Wrong” – troubleshooting undesirable results.  It’s finds like this that come out of shopping at my leisure (this was not only the last copy at the store, but was on the bottom shelf buried by other books).

I haven’t tried any of the recipes provided, but as soon as my soup phase passes, I hope to test them out!

Images:  Fiona Biggs (My Recipe Keeper), House of Many Hues


October 19, 2010   No Comments

The Comforts of Home

We arrived from our trip on Friday evening and as always, we are happy to be back in our home and sleeping in our very own beds.  However, my husband and I really wish we had a few more days to explore the ghost towns that were in the area.  But for now, we are getting back into our routine and already talking about where our next getaway will be.

I mentioned that on my trip I was reading a decorating book by Atlanta Bartlett titled, “The Comforts of Home: Creating Relaxed Rooms with a Romantic Feel“.  The books goal is to inspire you to develop your own sense of style with suggested strategies from the author.  The book is filled with gorgeous pictures and divided into 2 sections – The Relaxed Look and Relaxed Rooms.

The online reviews of this book have been mixed and I think I may know why.  First, the book is geared towards a modern minimalist style – which is one of many styles I love to read about but may not be for everyone.  If you purchased the book and didn’t know that, it could be disappointing.  Second, I found that some of the suggestions Bartlett proposes may be a bit difficult to envision because I have children.  What does that mean?  It means that some of the ideas presented might not hold up if you have small kids.  One such example is to drape accessories over a table or dresser.  Not sure about your household, but I know in mine it would all get yanked down and then dragged around the house!   However, I think with a little “child proofing”, the suggestions could work out very well.

Images:  The Comforts of Home,  Arrangement of photos by House of Many Hues


July 12, 2010   No Comments

Destination Mackinac Island

Thought I’d quickly check in and let you know that we arrived at our hotel late this afternoon.  We went out to dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant and then came back to our hotel for some need baths.  On our way up, we stopped at the Mackinac Bridge and took a stroll on the beach.  The weather is quite a bit cooler here – around 77 °F. (the temp at our home was over 90 °F!).  It feels much nicer here!

For the ride up, I brought along a few magazines and an older decorating book called “The Comforts of Home: Creating Relaxed Rooms With A Romantic Feel” by Atlanta Bartlett.  As soon as I get a chance, I will let you know all about this book!

As for tomorrow, we will be taking the boat over to Mackinac Island.  Our plan is to spend the entire day wallowing in the beauty of the island.

Images:  House of Many Hues

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