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The Cupcake Social

I noticed that I ran out of cupcake liners and found these really amazing ones offered at The Cupcake Social that I will be ordering.  Even average tasting cupcakes can look especially gorgeous in these pretty liners!

Images:  The Cupcake Social


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DC Cupcakes

If you are into cupcakes, mark your calendars because  TLC will be airing a new show this Friday, July 16 at 10 pm called DC Cupcakes.  It’s a show about a gourmet cupcakery owned by 2 sisters, Sophie and Katherine.  The actual name of their shop is Georgetown Cupcake and it’s the first and only cupcakery in DC.  Both sisters are lifelong bakers and traded in their previous careers to pursue this successful partnership.

I love the motto on their cupcake boxes – “Please don’t shake what we bake”.

Images:  Georgetown Cupcakes


July 12, 2010   1 Comment

Orange Beauties

This morning when my mom came over to our house, she brought with her some oranges.  It’s very typical for her to bring fruit when she comes over, but today was a little more special than usual.

At first, I wasn’t exactly sure why these oranges excited me.  But after some thought, I narrowed it down to the beautiful green leaves still attached to the stem of the oranges.  So why was this so fascinating?  As far as I know, oranges can’t grow in Michigan.  Therefore these oranges must have been picked very recently for those leaves to have stayed so green.  What’s even more amazing is how far these oranges must have traveled for us to enjoy!

Images:  House of Many Hues


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Festive Drinks and Straws

I love trying new tasty drinks.  I especially love parties that have a signature or house drink.  When I’m in the mood for something different and have no party to go to, I check out what I have in the fridge and cupboards, and then head over to the internet for recipe ideas.  I have to admit that when I try new drinks, whether at a party or a concoction I’ve made, I often don’t like it.  Too sweet, too sour, or too much alcohol is the typical reason why.

I have a couple that I am interested in trying out.  The first is called Limeberry Crush.  This drink combines strawberries, confectioners sugar, and lime juice.  However, to avoid this drink from being too tart, the strawberries need to be really ripe.

For a stronger drink, I’m interested in trying this Mango Blossom.  With ingredients such as mango nectar, lemon, and vodka, I think this one might be a winner. Then just before I take a sip of the newly made drink, I add a one of my colorful straws below.  I’m not sure why it makes the drink more festive, but I’ve noticed that even my daughter tends to sip on drinks she normally refuses!

Images:  Family Fun Magazine, Brides Magazine, House of Many Hues


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Felted Pillow + Decorating Cakes Part III

This weekend was wonderfully uneventful!  I woke up on Saturday with the idea of finally finishing my wool pillow.  After taking care of some chores around the house, I took out my project and steadily worked with the embroidery floss until it was where I wanted the design to be.  I wanted lots of colors to keep it fun yet simple.  With the embroidery done, it was time to use the sewing machine and then stuff the pillow.  My oldest daughter  loved watching me sew and even helped stuff the pillow with “snow”.  Here is the final result…

It’s funny to think that this started off as an old Gap sweater!  I look forward to trying other projects with felted wool.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

On Saturday night, I began preparations for my cake decorating class.  I baked the cake, made icing for the cake, and then our new instruction was to make royal icing.  What is royal icing, I wondered?  Many cake decorators use royal icing for the decorations themselves – especially for making flowers.  The mixture is thick and once you have made your flower, it dries hard.  This type of icing holds up in warm weather and generally won’t sag.   Technically it’s eatable, however I wouldn’t recommend it as I think it tastes awful (not to mention it would be very crunchy)!

We used the royal icing in class to practice making one type of rose.  I must have made 30 of them!  I really wanted to learn this technique because I feel this is the base for all other flowers.  Here is how it turned out…

Even though the next session of classes doesn’t start for a few weeks, I want to continue practicing and hope to bake more cakes.

P.S. – Half of this cake is already gone!  I made some changes to the icing and cake recipe and I think I’m getting much closer to what I’m looking for.  This round I used less sugar in the icing recipe and replaced the vegetable oil in the cake for applesauce – yes applesauce.  I’ve heard about this trick but never tried it until now.  My family and I think it tastes much better!

Images:  House of Many Hues


June 28, 2010   1 Comment

Decorating Cakes Part II

Yesterday, I attended my 2nd cake decorating class and I think I have made some progress.  I’m getting really excited because we are now making our own flowers and drying them for placement on the cake.  We even discussed decorating cupcakes – which I didn’t get to try in class due to not having the right decorating tip.  After class was finished, I made sure to buy the tip.  Maybe I will try to use my new tip this week.  Here is the latest creation…(hopefully, there is a little less laughter than last weeks cake!)

Images:  House of Many Hues


June 21, 2010   No Comments

Decorating Cakes Part I

Yesterday, in my cake decorating class, we got to practice on our cakes.  As with any type of decorating, whether homes or cakes,  you’ve got to practice and search for your style.  I’ve learned quite a bit in my class – mostly from a fellow student (who I think should be teaching the class)!  I took a picture of one of the cakes I decorated.  I think it’s important to follow the progression as we may forget where we started.  Ok, here it is – don’t laugh!

Everything was seemingly going ok until I got to the base of the cupcake.  Not sure what happened.  Plus, I didn’t get to finish the cake.  Can’t wait to try again!

Images:  House of Many Hues

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