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Linnestaden, Sweden Apartment

Today we will be traveling to Linnestaden, Sweden where we will take a look at a spacious apartment for sale.  The area of Linnestaden is situated on the west coast of Sweden and is less than 5 miles from the North Sea.

The apartment we will be looking at boasts 3 fireplaces and is on the 3rd floor with a balcony (great view!).  It measures approx. 1,072 sq. ft. – which really is sizable not only for European standards, but even here in the US.  Asking price is about $512,000 US which is typical when located in a large European city.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

The window hardware is just wonderful.  I wonder if they are original to the building.  It wouldn’t surprise me since the building was constructed 1905.  Oh, and yes, I would love a jellybean.

Well, any thoughts?  I think my two favorite spots would be the balcony and near anyone of the fireplaces.

Images:  Stadshem


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Anthropologie Earth Day

I wanted to share with you some photo’s from the new window display’s over at Anthropologie.  They have decorated them for Earth Day utilizing corks…thousands of corks!

Love the various hues of blue and green corks.  So what will happen to all of these corks when they are ready to change out displays?  Recycle them of course!  The corks will be sent to Cork ReHarvest to be broken down and turned into items such as fishing bobs and new flooring.

I can’t even imagine how long it took to create the huge cork balls above.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Earth Day this year is April 22.

Images:  Anthropologie


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Nick Olsen

Have I told you how very glad I am to have a place where we can come together and share idea’s?  No, really.  Have I mentioned that I find happiness, creativity, inspiration, peace, and an overall good feeling when I am here with you?  I’m sure you must be wondering what is going on with me today.  Its just that there are days I wish my dreams were already a reality.  I know that I must have patience as good things come to those who wait, right?  I really hope so because I would love to be doing this everyday full time.  Until then, I want to talk about Nick Olsen, an interior decorator who worked for former Domino magazine.  Oh, and I also want to share a special treat with you later on – so stay tuned!

But back to Nick Olsen, who by the way is known for his do-it-yourself projects – especially refinishing furniture.  I love his bold chic style and thought to share some photos of his apartment.

How gorgeous is the white fireplace against the lime walls?  Just beautiful.  I wonder if the fireplace is original to his apartment?

The photo above is that of an Ikea coffee table that Nick covered with marbleized paper.  How cool did that turn out?  He just has a knack for enhancing furniture.  In fact, Lonny magazine recently did a great How-To article with Nick.  If your interested in learning how to paint a dresser and have it turn out looking professional, check it out here.

Alrighty lovies, I’m sure your wondering what the treat I mentioned above is all about.  Coming up is House of Many Hues 1st birthday!  Whoo hoo!  And to celebrate we will be having a giveaway.  Want to know about the giveaway?  Join me here tomorrow to find out more.

Images:  Nick Olsen, Domino Magazine


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Attractive Loft + Architecture

What do you get when you mix century+ old wood beams, celadon green bathroom tile, and a chic crystal chandelier?  A gorgeous loft in Melbourne, Australia.  The loft is situated in a historic 1880’s warehouse and is up for sale.  Ok, I must admit that I was a bit surprised that it was in Australia as I generally don’t think of lofts + Australia together.  I came across these beautiful photos over at Desire to Inspire and what immediately captured my attention were the old wood ceilings and archway to the sitting area.

Like me, you may have noticed that this loft has a mix of styles when going from one area to the next.  There are two very tiny changes I would make that I think would help blend the styles together:  1.  While I love Moroccan style, the hanging lanterns just don’t fit with the rest of the loft.  I would replace this with either a chic lighting fixture (to follow the dining area style) or something modern.   2.  Soften up the bathroom.  I think the bathroom has great design, however, it feels stark and cold.  This is an easy fix and can be done by adding some fabric to the space – maybe place some towels on the rack and/or add a rug.

Images:  Desire to Inspire


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Paris Apartment

Bonjour everyone!  In recent months I have been evaluating some of my life goals.  Had I achieved most everything that I desired and dreamed of so far?  Did I need to revise any of my ambitions?  My review resulted with a few changes that were mostly related to some needed self improvements (isn’t this always the case?).  Overall, I feel satisfied with my life  and where its going.  I feel I’m making progress in all of my categories – except for one.  International travel.  For years I have had a mental list of the cities and countries I would love to visit (thankfully, most of it matches my husbands list!).  We need to work on how we will fulfill these aspirations.

One place that ranks highly on my list is Paris.  I have been interested in Paris since high school and in most recent years was working on learning French through Pimsleur’s program. I even play my daughters DVD’s in French so that they are exposed as well!

One hobby of mine is looking up houses and apartments for sale overseas.  My husband is very much open to the idea of one day retiring outside of the US.  While the apartment I found below is out of our price range,  I still love the location and view this apartment has to offer.  It’s located in the Paris-lle-de-France region and offers 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a balcony for approx. $580,000 US.

This apartment is situated on the 5th floor.  What a wonderful view from the balcony!A more affordable apartment is located in Capi, France for approx. $205,000 US.  It also has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a balcony.

Images:  Prestige Property, Tanego


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Skona Hem – Etta and the City

I’ve been wanting to sign out a particular Swedish interior design book from my library, but unfortunately it is still out and not due back until May 24.  For some reason or another, I’ve been in the mood for Swedish design and this book was suppose to fulfill this need.  In the meantime, in order to satisfy this craving, I decided to visit  Skona Hem.  While on their site, I came across an article on Ylva Martelius and her desire to create the feel of a  luxurious hotel room in her apartment.  Take a look at her results…

Ettas Living Room

Ettas Bathroom and Kitchen

Ettas Dining Room

Here she used upholstered chairs from Ikea (Henriksdal).

Ettas Balcony

What a great balcony – love the glass doors.   This has such a Miami Beach hotel feel.

Ettas Bedroom

Images:  Sona Hem


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178 Square Feet of Total Living

You read that right!  The New York Times ran an article on Zach Motl, 25, who lives in a New York studio apartment that is only 178 square feet.  He pays $944 monthly rent and spent approximately $2500 to decorate the room.  His philosophy is that the more you put in a space, the bigger it will look.  What do you think?




The Sultan Alsarp box spring bed is from Ikea and pops open for additional storage.  Nice thinking!



I really like the green he choose for the kitchen.



I’ve been sick the last few days and hope that I recover fast enough to enjoy some part of the weekend.  The worst of it is not being able to breathe!  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Images:  New York Times

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