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Basement Design

Did I mention before that I have been working on a design for our unfinished basement?  While we are years away from having it 100% complete (if that’s ever possible), I am taking a step towards having the floor carpeted (right now it’s just concrete with a couple of scattered rugs). We are lucky in that our basement is a walkout with plenty of natural lighting leaving color options rather open. I’ve been researching the type of carpet (tile or broadloom) that will best suite our needs and at this point, I am highly leaning towards not only broadloom but commercial broadloom by Shaw.  You may ask why commercial carpet and my answer is simple: 1. Cost 2. Durability and 3. Practicality. Our basement has two sets of double doors leading to the outside.  While we don’t yet have a patio, I fully expect that once we do, it will be highly utilized (translation: lots of little feet bring in dirt).  Not to mention, commercial carpet has come a long way.  There are so many options, grades, and colors that I’m not sure it should be labeled “commercial” anymore.  Many people are using it in their homes with such great results.  Basements don’t have to be dark and dreary dungeons anymore.  Check this one out…

Don’t have a lot of natural light in your basement?  Try using overhead halogen lighting – it gives a dark space wonderful lighting that (I think) mimics natural light.

Images:  House Beautiful

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January 25, 2011   2 Comments